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Alessandro Giusti gets his first French F4 win of the year

by Ida Wood

Photo: KSP Reportages

Alessandro Giusti claimed a long-awaited first win of the French Formula 4 season in the third race at Ledenon.

The series sophomore won twice in 2021, and is fighting for this year’s title but had not taken a race win in 2022 until doing so from pole this Sunday.

Giusti had to soak up pressure from points leader Hugh Barter throughout, especially through the opening two laps before the safety car came out after Honda junior Yuto Nomura was spun into retirement by Pierre-Alexandre Provost.

Racing resumed on lap five and Giusti fended off attacks from Barter on the restart lap before finding a rhythm up front where he was not pulling away but was also not susceptible to a lunging move from Barter.

The pair gapped Dario Cabanelas in third, with Enzo Peugeot and Edgar Pierre finishing fourth and fifth. Elliott Vayron held off Honda junior Souta Arao for sixth, and Provost came home a lonely eighth.

There was a big battle for ninth between Lorens Lecertua and Jeronimo Berrio that eventually became a three-way fight with Max Reis who had an incident with Leny Reveillere that sent him down the order and eventually into retirement.

Romain Andriolo was also in points contention early on before he had to pit with a broken front wing.

Louis Pelet was another driver to spin during the race, and Enzo Richer had last lap drama that dropped him to 15th.

Race result
Pos Driver Time
1 Alessandro Giusti 15 laps
2 Hugh Barter +1.320s
3 Dario Cabanelas +6.631s
4 Enzo Peugeot +7.068s
5 Edgar Pierre +9.278s
6 Elliott Vayron +13.700s
7 Souta Arao +13.894s
8 Pierre-Alexandre-Provost +16.160s
9 Lorens Lecertua +21.374s
10 Max Reis +21.986s
11 Jeronimo Berrio +22.651s
12 Enzo Geraci +23.474s
13 Pablo Sarrazin +23.843s
14 Mateo Villagomez +31.414s
15 Enzo Richer +32.767s
16 Pol Lopez +32.883s
17 Valentino Mini +33.245s
18 Antoine Fernande +42.068s
19 Louis Pelet +1m05.229s
Ret Leny Reveillere
Ret Romain Andriolo
Ret Yuto Nomura
Fastest lap: Giusti, 1m21.023s

Championship standings
Barter 217   2 Giusti 190   3 Arao 161   4 Vayron 151   5 Peugeot 98   6 Cabanelas 78   7 Nomura 71   8 Provost 68   9 Berrio 56   10 Andriolo 44