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David on pole for FREC race two at the Red Bull Ring

by Ida Wood

Photo: Diederik van der Laan / DPPA

R-ace GP’s Hadrien David claimed pole position for the second Formula Regional European Championship race at the Red Bull Ring.

On a dry track, David went out in Group B (the first of two groups) and set a 1m26.076s lap to take his third pole of the year.

Arden was the team to beat at first, with Joshua Duerksen setting the early pace and then team-mate Eduardo Barrichello taking over at the top.

Race Performance Motorsport’s Owen Tangavelou then moved to the top, setting a 1m26.430s lap, but that only kept him in first place briefly as R-ace’s Gabriel Bortoleto then bettered him by 0.016 seconds.

At this point ART Grand Prix’s Gabriele Mini was in last place, with Davidn in fourth behind Barrichello, but in the final two-and-a-half minutes both raised their game.

David went fastest with his 1m26.076s lap, and although he could not find any further pace it ended up going unbeaten. Tangavelou got closest, lapping just 0.017s slower, and Bortoleto went third fastest at the very end but was three tenths back.

Mini ros to fourth, while Duerksen and Barrichello came fifth and sixth in the session.

When the other half of the field headed out on track in Group A, Dutch drivers Dilano van’t Hoff and Kas Haverkort set the early pace.

Points leader Dino Beganovic was the first to set a truly representative pace though, and Prema team-mate Paul Aron challenged him for pole in the middle of the session. Neither could quite find the pace to beat David’s earlier benchmark though, and Beganovic topped the group but was slower than Group B’s top three.

Van Amersfoort Racing’s Joshua Dufek went second fastest, and Aron couldn’t find any more pace late on which meant he was sixth fastest, and will therefore line up 12th for race two.

R-P-M’s Pierre-Louis Chovet continued his strong single-seater return with third in group, ahead of late improver van’t Hoff and Tim Tramnitz.

Qualifying results

Pos Driver Team Group A Group B
1 Hadrien David R-ace GP 1m26.076s
2 Dino Beganovic Prema 1m26.401s
3 Owen Tangavelou R-P-M 1m26.093s
4 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing 1m26.531s
5 Gabriel Bortoleto R-ace GP 1m26.396s
6 Pierre-Louis Chovet R-P-M 1m26.585s
7 Gabriele Mini ART Grand Prix 1m26.436s
8 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport 1m26.599s
9 Joshua Duerksen Arden 1m26.489s
10 Tim Tramnitz Trident 1m26.614s
11 Eduardo Barrichello Arden 1m26.493s
12 Paul Aron Prema 1m26.698s
13 Leonardo Fornaroli Trident 1m26.544s
14 Roman Bilinski Trident 1m26.720s
15 Sami Meguetounif MP Motorsport 1m26.772s
16 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix 1m26.914s
17 Esteban Masson ART Grand Prix 1m26.791s
18 Mari Boya MP Motorsport 1m26.923s
19 Noel Leon Arden 1m26.839s
20 Sebastian Montoya Prema 1m26.932s
21 Piotr Wisnicki KIC Motorsport 1m27.042s
22 Kas Haverkort Van Amersfoort Racing 1m26.940s
23 Nicola Marinangeli Monolite Racing 1m27.059s
24 Victor Bernier FA Racing by MP 1m27.011s
25 Nicolas Baptiste FA Racing by MP 1m27.095s
26 Levente Revesz Van Amersfoort Racing 1m27.156s
27 Matias Zagazeta G4 Racing 1m27.160s
28 Pietro Armanni Monolite Racing 1m27.219s
29 Lorenzo Fluxa R-ace GP 1m27.286s
30 Santiago Ramos KIC Motorsport 1m27.231s
31 Francesco Braschi FA Racing by MP 1m27.354s
32 Hamda Al Qubaisi Prema 1m27.590s
33 Gillian Henrion G4 Racing 1m27.455s
34 Maceo Capietto Monolite Racing 1m33.330s
35 Sebastian Ogaard KIC Motorsport 1m27.496s
35 Piotr Wisnicki KIC Motorsport 1m28.440s