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2023 International karting calendar

by Ida Wood
From Asia to the UK, and everything in between. Here’s your list of 2023’s biggest karting events
Date Event Circuit
Jan 8 IAME Asia Final Shah Alam, Malaysia
Jan 13-15 USA Winter Series Rd1 Homestead-Miami, USA
Jan 19-22 South Garda Winter Cup South Garda, Italy
Jan 19-22 Florida Winter Tour Rd1 Tropicana Field, USA
Jan 26-29 WSK Champions Cip South Garda, Italy
Feb 2-5 WSK Super Master Series Rd1 South Garda, Italy
Feb 2-5 IAME Winter Cup Valencia, Spain
Feb 10-12 USA Winter Series Rd2 Homestead-Miami, USA
Feb 16-19 WSK Super Master Series Rd2 Franciacorta, Italy
Feb 17-19 Rotax Max Winter Cup Campillos, Spain
Feb 17-19 Florida Winter Tour Rd2 Piquet Park, USA
Feb 24-26 Rotax Central Europe Bonus Cup Pista Azzurra, Italy
March 2-5 WSK Super Master Series Rd3 Sarno, Italy
March 2-5 IAME Euro Series Rd1 Zuera, Spain
March 3-5 Rotax Central Europe Trophy Rd1 Pista Azzurra, Italy
March 9-12 WSK Open Series Rd1 South Garda, Italy
March 9-12 Champions of the Future Rd1 Valencia, Spain
March 16-19 Trofeo Andrea Margutti South Garda, Italy
March 17-19 Florida Winter Tour Rd3 Orlando, USA
March 23-26 CIK-FIA European championship Rd1 (OK, OK-J) Valencia, Spain
March 30-Apr 2 WSK Open Series Rd2 Cremona, Italy
March 31-Apr 2 USA Pro Tour Rd1 (WinterNationals) NOLA, USA
Apr 7-9 Rotax Central Europe Trophy Rd2 Birizdokart, Hungary
Apr 13-16 WSK Open Series Rd3 7 Laghi, Italy
Apr 13-16 CIK-FIA European championship Rd1 (KZ, KZ2) Zuera, Spain
Apr 14-16 Rotax Max Euro Trophy Rd1 Genk, Belgium
Apr 20-23 IAME Euro Series Rd2 Mariembourg, Belgium
Apr 27-30 WSK Super Master Series Rd4 Cremona, Italy
May 3-6 Champions of the Future Rd2 Trinec, Czech Republic
May 18-21 CIK-FIA European championship Rd2 (OK, OK-J) Trinec, Czech Republic
May 18-21 FIA Karting Academy Trophy Rd1 Trinec, Czech Republic
May 26-28 Rotax Max Euro Trophy Rd2 Val d’Argenton, France
May 31-June 3 Champions of the Future Rd3 Rodby, Denmark
June 7-10 WSK Super Cup (Mini) La Conca, Italy
June 9-11 USA Pro Tour Rd2 (SpringNationals) K1 (Winchester), USA
June 15-18 CIK-FIA European championship Rd3 (OK, OK-J) Rodby, Denmark
June 15-18 FIA Karting Academy Trophy Rd2 Rodby, Denmark
June 16-18 Rotax Central Europe Trophy Rd3 Bruck, Austria
June 22-25 WSK Open Series Rd4 Sarno, Italy
June 29-July 2 IAME Euro Series Rd3 Franciacorta, Italy
July 6-9 CIK-FIA European championship Rd2 (KZ, KZ2) Sarno, Italy
July 7-9 Rotax Max Euro Trophy Rd3 Mariambourg, Belgium
July 12-15 Champions of the Future Rd4 Cremona, Italy
July 25-29 Rotax Max International Trophy Le Mans, France
July 27-30 CIK-FIA European championship Rd4 (OK, OK-J) Cremona, Italy
July 27-30 FIA Karting Academy Trophy Rd3 Cremona, Italy
July 28-30 USA Pro Tour Rd3 (SupperNationals) New Castle, USA
Aug 3-6 Kartmasters British Grand Prix Trent Valley, England
Aug 4-6 Rotax Central Europe Trophy Rd4 Trinec, Czech Republic
Aug 24-27 IAME Euro Series Rd4 Genk, Belgium
Aug 31-Sep 3 WSK Euro Series Rd1 Franciacorta, Italy
Sep 7-10 CIK-FIA World championship (KZ, KZ2) Wackersdorf, Germany
Sep 8-10 Rotax Max Euro Trophy Rd4 PF Int., England
Sep 13-16 Champions of the Future Rd5 Franciacorta, Italy
Sep 28-Oct 1 Trofeo delle Industrie South Garda, Italy
Sep 29-Oct 1 Rotax African Open Zwartkops, South Africa
Sep 29-Oct 1 Rotax Central Europe Trophy Rd5 TBD
Oct 5-8 CIK-FIA World championship (OK, OK-J) Franciacorta, Italy
Oct 24-29 Rotax Max Euro Golden Trophy Genk, Belgium
Nov 2-5 WSK Euro Series Rd2 Sarno, Italy
Nov 9-12 IAME I-Games TBD
Nov 16-19 WSK Final Cup Rd1 South Garda, Italy
Nov 23-26 WSK Final Cup Rd2 Franciacorta, Italy
Dec 2-9 Rotax Grand Finals Bahrain
TBD USA SuperNationals Rio Las Vegas, USA