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Stuvik fastest in Euroformula Open Friday running

by Gruz David


RP Motorsport’s sophomore driver Sandy Stuvik recorded the overall fastest time of the three Euroformula Open practice sessions at Monza.

Recording his time in the first session, the Thai driver was the only one who managed to go under the 1:47s benchmark.

2012 F3 Open Copa class champion Kevin Giovesi returned to the series with a second place while Stuvik’s main rival Alex Palou was third fastest. The top five was completed by Japanese racer Yu Kanamaru and Austrian Christopher Hoher.

In the morning, the first practice saw a top three of Stuvik, Giovesi and Palou, with the championship leader almost half a second clear of the rest of the field.

Hoher and Andres Saravia ended up in fourth and fifth, followed by Russian Konstantin Tereshchenko and series frontrunner Artur Janosz. West-Tec duo Tanart Sathienthirakul and Wei Fung Thong were eighth and ninth fastest respectively, while the top ten was completed by Henrique Baptista.

Next time around, both Giovesi and Palou managed to improve their times to get first and second spots in practice two, while Stuvik had to settle for third.

Saravia and Hoher once again made it to the top five as Sathienthirakul and Tereshchenko completed the top seven. Yarin Stern was eighth fastest, followed by another series returnee Damiano Fioravanti and Janosz.

It was Kanamaru who was quickest in the final session with RP duo Stuvik and Janosz finishing second and third.

Giovesi and Fioravanti were fourth and fifth with Dzhon Simonyan making his first appearance in the top ten with sixth. Seventh and eighth were occupied by Saravia and Tereshchenko, while Costantino Peroni and Baptista rounded out the top ten.

Practice results
Pos. Driver Team FP1 FP2 FP3
1 Sandy Stuvik RP Motorsport 1:46.890 1:47.443 1:47.642
2 Kevin Giovesi DAV Racing 1:47.376 1:47.240 1:47.893
3 Alex Palou Campos Racing 1:47.504 1:47.388 1:48.220
4 Yu Kanamaru EmilioDeVillota Motorsport 1:58.068 1:48.315 1:47.455
5 Christopher Hoher BVM Racing 1:47.530 1:47.783 1:48.404
6 Andres Saravia RP Motorsport 1:47.538 1:47.607 1:48.072
7 Konstantin Tereshchenko Campos Racing 1:47.546 1:47.929 1:48.179
8 Artur Janosz RP Motorsport 1:47.554 1:48.029 1:47.723
9 Tanart Sathienthirakul Team West-Tec 1:47.587 1:47.803 1:48.896
10 Damiano Fioravanti BVM Racing 1:48.707 1:47.992 1:47.933
11 Yarin Stern Team West-Tec 1:48.389 1:47.945 1:48.300
12 Wei Fung Thong Team West-Tec 1:48.036 1:48.081 1:48.701
13 Dzhon Simonyan RP Motorsport 1:48.368 1:49.129 1:48.068
14 Henrique Baptista DAV Racing 1:48.113 1:48.514 1:48.189
15 Sean Walkinshaw Campos Racing 1:48.124 1:48.516 1:48.704
16 Costantino Peroni DAV Racing 1:49.833 1:49.406 1:48.181
17 Che One Lim EmilioDeVillota Motorsport 1:48.318 1:48.279 1:48.236
18 Nicolas Pohler Team West-Tec 1:49.703 1:48.436 1:48.671
19 William Barbosa Corbetta Competizioni 1:51.296 1:48.997 1:48.574
20 Saud Al Faisal RP Motorsport 1:50.273 1:50.101 1:50.271

Personal best time in bold
Best time of session in italics