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Romanek wins at Knockhill as FF1600 leaders clash twice

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Oldfield Motorsport’s Lucas Romanek emerged as victor in the second National Formula Ford 1600 and Scottish FFord race at Knockhill after two collisions involving leaders.

Colin Queen started on pole as a result of winning race one, and resumed his rivalry with Jordan Dempsey from that race.

Dempsey went for the lead at Taylor’s hairpin on lap four, taking the inside as Queen left the door fully open. They were side-by-side on the exit of the corner, and then made contact and veered off track. Dempsey rode over Queen’s cockpit, and thankfully Queen not only emerged uninjured but like Dempsey also was able to keep going and return to the asphalt in eighth and ninth.

Jamie Sharp inherited the lead ahead of Romanek and Morgan Quinn, with Andre Lafond trying to make it a four-car lead battle.

Having battled through race one, Romanek knew where to pressure Sharp and it kept the top four tight. He also went for the lead at Taylor’s, and his attempt also resulted in a lead collision. Romanek went all the way around the outside of Sharp, but as their rear wheels rubbed at the exit Sharp went spinning onto the grass.

Romanek now led Quinn, Lafond and a chasing Ben Cochran, while Queen had progressed up to fifth at the same as Dempsey had plummeted to 14th.

In the second half of the race there wasn’t much Quinn could do about Romanek, who eased away to claim a maiden victory by four-and-a-half seconds.

The fight for third was far closer, with Lafond leading Cochran and Queen in a small train of cars lap after lap. Cochran eventually managed to pass Lafond, while Queen tried on his Ammonite Motorsport team-mate on the last lap before the chequered flag was shown at the same time as the last lap boards. He didn’t complete the move, and stayed behind for what was the final lap before the results were put back a lap.

Kevin Mills Racing’s guesting Andrew Rackstraw did get a last-lap move done, passing the third Ammonite car of Shawn Rashid for sixth place. Dempsey and Sharp ended up 15th and 16th, but Dempsey holds on to the points lead over Queen due to 10th placed Michael Gray and the Scottish FFord drivers behind him not being eligible for points.

Race result (22 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Lucas Romanek Oldfield Motorsport 19m59.274s
2 Morgan Quinn Team Dolan +4.502s
3 Ben Cochran Team Dolan +7.528s
4 Andre Lafond Ammonite Motorsport +7.799s
5 Colin Queen Ammonite Motorsport +8.012s
6 Andrew Rackstraw Kevin Mills Racing +14.792s
7 Shawn Rashid Ammonite Motorsport +15.952s
8 Davide Meloni B-M Racing +22.364s
9 Megan Gilkes B-M Racing +22.631s
10 Michael Gray Graham Brunton Racing +23.103s
11 Neil Broome StrongBroo Racing +37.088s
12 Matthew Chisholm +37.563s
13 Lucas Blakeley Graham Brunton Racing +38.101s
14 Brandon McCaughan Oldfield Motorsport +44.857s
15 Jordan Dempsey Kevin Mills Racing +46.185s
16 Jamie Sharp B-M Racing +47.093s
17 Gabe Tesch Team Dolan +47.629s
18 Drew Stewart SC Motorsport +1 laps
Ret Tom Nippers
Ret Brindley Kinch Ammonite Motorsport
Fastest lap: Dempsey, 53.749s

Championship standings
Dempsey 105   2 Queen 98   3 Romanek 87   4 Cochran 79   5 Quinn 69   6 Lafond 56   7 Rory Smith 47   8 Sharp 47   9 Meloni 42   10 Rashid 40