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Reshad de Gerus wins Pau F4 race stopped by 12-car pile-up

by Ida Wood

Photo: Elliot Wood

Reshad de Gerus won the opening French Formula 4 race in Pau, in a race that was halted by a 12-car pile-up.

After poleman Stuart White wheelspan off the line, de Gerus moved into the lead from second on the grid and controlled the pace for the first four laps.

On the fifth lap there was chaos behind as Volant Winfield winner Jules Mettetal hit the outside barriers on the exit of the Turn 4 hairpin and was immediately collected by those behind. Some cars ended up landing on top of each other, although all drivers were removed from their vehicles without complications and after a lengthy red flag period the race was continued.

Evan Spenle had served a drive-through penalty for jumping the start from eighth place, which meant he avoided the crash and was one of 10 drivers able to take part in the restarted race.

Enzo Valente had initially challenged White for second, but was quickly passed by championship leader Hadrien David on the restart, and then lost another place to top Junior runner Isack Hadjar.

With two laps of the 15-lap race to go David also got past White, and he got within 0.19 seconds of de Gerus as they crossed the finish line for the final time.

Valdemar Eriksen finished a distant sixth, just ahead of Gillian Henrion. Mathis Poulet and Spenle were the final finishers.

American Bryson Lew was able to restart the race, but then crashed out at Turn 7.


Race results (15 laps)
Pos Driver Time
1 Reshad de Gerus 43m42.364s
2 Hadrien David +0.190s
3 Stuart White +0.554s
4 Isack Hadjar +1.944s
5 Enzo Valente +2.192s
6 Valdemar Eriksen +5.774s
7 Gillian Henrion +6.315s
8 Mathis Poulet +15.319s
9 Evan Spenle +15.633s
Ret Bryon Lew
Ret Jules Mettetal
Ret Mikkel Grundtvig
Ret Victor Bernier
Ret Sten van der Henst
Ret Ugo Gazil
Ret Pierre-Francois Duriani
Ret Simon Ohlin
Ret Paul-Adrien Pallot
Ret Nicky Hays
Fastest lap: de Gerus, 1m21.329s

Championship standings
?David 76? ?2?de Gerus 70? ?3?Valente 44? ?4?Hays 33? ?5 Henrion 34? ?6 White 33? ?7?Gazil 19? ?8?Eriksen 18? ?9?Mettetal 11? ?10?Poulet 10

Junior standings? ?1 Hadjar 77? ?2?Bernier 58? ?3 Pallot 43