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Pierre-Alexandre Provost holds off Geraci for French F4 win

by Ida Wood

Photo: FFSA

Pierre-Alexandre Provost resisted the attacks of Enzo Geraci to win the reversed grid French Formula 4 race at Ledenon.

The pair shared the front row for the race, and early on Geraci was all over the rear of Provost’s car despite having an awful launch off the line.

Several lock-ups meant he dropped back slightly in the middle of the race, although the top two still broke away from the rest of the 14-car grid, then he started to close back in on Provost.

On one lap he had two lock-ups but still forced the leader into defence, then with a few laps to go Provost upped his pace. This prompted Provost to push harder, so much so that the lock-ups got more frequent and lasted for longer.

Somehow this didn’t kill Geraci’s tyres, and he maintained his challenge of Provost but could not find a way to truly challenge him for the lead and had to settle for second.

Daniel Ligier finished third after passing Dario Cabanelas midway through the race, but there was a gap to the top two he could not close down. With two laps to go Cabanelas then through away fourth place by spinning at the final proper corner of the track.

Hugh Barter started seventh and finished fourth, as Cabanelas’s spin impacted the battles behind

Maceo Capietto had passed Owen Tangavelou and Barter in one go to get fifth, but he had to run off track to avoid Cabanelas and ended up conceding positions to Barter, title rival Esteban Masson and Gael Julien.

He was able to quickly put Julien back behind him, but finished a dissapointed seventh. Julien had earlier been involved in an incident where he span Alessandro Giusti out of fifth place.

Single-seater debutants Pablo Sarrazin and Paul Trojani rounded out the race’s top 10 finishers.

Race results (16 laps)
Pos Driver Time
1 Pierre-Alexandre Provost 22m19.189s
2 Enzo Geraci +0.490s
3 Daniel Ligier +2.830s
4 Hugh Barter +3.515s
5 Owen Tangavelou +4.004s
6 Esteban Masson +4.726s
7 Maceo Capietto +6.168s
8 Gael Julien +8.452s
9 Pablo Sarrazin +11.381s
10 Paul Trojani +13.529s
11 Noah Andy +29.794s
12 Dario Cabanelas +34.739s
13 Angelina Favario +35.986s
Ret Alessandro Giusti
Fastest lap: Masson, 1m22.637s

Championship standings
Masson 171   2 Capietto 137   3 Barter 124   4 Ligier 103   5 Tangavelou 82   6 Julien 77   7 Giusti 68   8 Cabanelas 63   9 Aiden Neate 30   10 Geraci 29