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Ollie White wins restarted Walter Hayes Trophy final

by Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Photo: Steve Whitfield

Souley Motorsport’s Ollie White came out on top in a choatic final to the Walter Hayes Trophy on Silverstone’s National layout.

The event was decided by a five-lap sprint on a damp track, following a multi-car collision at Luffield that took out several big names and required the race to be stopped entirely.

Poleman White surged away in the restarted race, but was challenged by reigning BRSCC National Formula Ford 1600 champion Neil Maclennan.

KMR’s Maclennan had led briefly before before a safety car period on lap four and was part of a three-car leading group with team-mate Jordan Dempsey and White on that restart. Dempsey was fastest of the three, but spun at Brooklands.

On the following lap, team-mate and fellow WHT winner Michael Moyers also spun there after braking too late challenging for the lead.

That opened up room for Team Dolan’s Chris Middlehurst, who diced with White and led briefly before the red flag.

He lined up alongside White for the restarted five-lap decider, and attacked the leader until spinning at Copse after rear contact. Wayne Poole Racing’s Josh Fisher was part of the lead quartet and had a few looks at passing Middlehurst, but also dropped down the order.

White’s other rivals dissapearing left Maclennan in second again in the restarted race, with Team USA scholar Bryce Aron inheriting third and holding off Dolan’s Ross Martin to complete the podium.

Martin’s team-mate Matt Cowley finished fifth and Moyers recovered to finish in sixth, beating old rival Fisher.

Enigma Motorsport’s Jack Wolfenden challenged Fisher late on but settlef for eighth, clear of Fisher’s brother Felix (TM Racing) and Jamie Sharp (B-M Racing).

FFord Festival winner Rory Smith tangled with Swift Cooper’s drivers, while Ben Mitchell drove a Merlyn Mk20 to 12th from an original starting spot of 36th.

Restarted race results (5 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Ollie White Souley Motorsport 5m47.267s
2 Neil Maclennan Kevin Mills Racing +0.815s
3 Bryce Aron Low Dempsey Racing +1.203s
4 Ross Martin Team Dolan +1.279s
5 Matt Cowley Team Dolan +1.499s
6 Michael Moyers Kevin Mills Racing +1.928s
7 Josh Fisher Wayne Poole Racing +2.296s
8 Jack Wolfenden Enigma Motorsport +2.767s
9 Felix Fisher TM Racing +4.781s
10 Jamie Sharp B-M Racing +5.036s
11 Ian Campbell +6.457s
12 Ben Mitchell Wayne Poole Racing +6.953s
13 Chris Middlehurst Team Dolan +7.763s
14 Maxwell Esterson Low Dempsey Racing +9.603s
15 Dave McArthur B-M Racing +10.036s
16 Roger Orgee TM Racing +11.754s
17 Jaap Blijleven UCLan +12.437s
18 Richard Higgins Riadro Motorsport +12.708s
19 Joe Porter Porter Motorsport +13.137s
20 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +13.844s
21 Pascal Monbaron John’s Racing Team +14.485s
22 Benn Tilley +15.163s
23 Robert Hall Swift Cooper +17.316s
24 Rory Smith B-M Racing +21.070s
Ret Luke Cooper Swift Cooper
Ret Miles Griffiths Hi-Tech Motorsport
Ret Jordan Dempsey Kevin Mills Racing
Ret David Billington
Ret Megan Gilkes Kevin Mills Racing
Ret Josh Smith Oldfield Motorsport
Ret Tom Brown UCLan
Ret Adam Higgins Riadro Motorsport
Ret Michael Macpherson Kevin Mills Racing
Ret Jonathan Browne Low Dempsey Racing
Ret Morgan Quinn Team Dolan
Ret Seb Melrose Graham Brunton Racing
Fastest lap: Middlehurst, 1m08.414s