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Ollie White wins four-way fight for fourth Walter Hayes heat

by Ida Wood

Photo: Iain Mackenzie

Ollie White pulled off a last corner pass to win the final Walter Hayes Trophy heat on Silverstone’s National layout.

The Souley Motorsport driver was involved in a four-way fight for the lead throughout the race with Team USA scholar Josh Green, Swift Cooper?s Luke Cooper and Team Dolan?s Matt Co wley.

Cliff Dempsey Racing driver Green started from pole, and ended the first lap in front despite losing the lead at Copse to Cooper.

Cowley had also made it past Cooper on the opening lap, then passed Green the next time around.

Green tried every possible piece of track to repass Cowley, and finally made it happen on the fifth lap of eight when he and Cooper outbraked Cowley around the outside of Brooklands.


A wide line by Cooper at Luffield with two laps to go boxed in White, and allowed Cowley to become Green?s closest challenger again in the space of two corners.

On the penultimate lap, Green ran too deep into Brooklands and immediately fell to the back of the lead group as a fastest lap from Cowley propelled him into the lead.

White had also slipped into second, and seized the opportunity on the final lap when backmarker traffic ahead made Cowley more cautious on the run to Brooklands.

Cowley tried hugging the inside line as the cars switched direction for Luffield, but White had already got his nose in and forced himself alongside.

The pair skimmed their wheels against each other as they navigated more traffic, with White finally snatching the lead on the run to the chequered flag. Another lapped car in the way denied Cowley the chance to keep fighting.

Cooper edged Green to take third, with Cowley?s team-mate Morgan Quinn completing the top five.

Ben Tinkler was sixth, ahead of Springbridge Motorsport?s Tom Hawkins, Oldfield Motorsport?s Milan De Laet, Fox Motorsport?s Jamie Stanley and Neil Fowler Motorsport?s Cameron Jackson.


Race results (8 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Ollie White Souley Motorsport 8m58.198s
2 Matt Cowley Team Dolan +0.142s
3 Luke Cooper Swift Cooper +0.404s
4 Josh Green Cliff Dempsey Racing +0.645s
5 Morgan Quinn Team Dolan +2.761s
6 Ben Tinkler +6.957s
7 Tom Hawkins Springbridge Motorsport +7.934s
8 Milan De Laet Oldfield Motorsport +8.298s
9 Jamie Stanley Fox Motorsport +8.573s
10 Cameron Jackson Neil Fowler Motorsport +10.035s
11 Daniel O’Beirne ob Motorsport +14.921s
12 Joe Porter Porter Motorsport +16.013s
13 Bob Higgins Riadro Motorsport +18.699s
14 Matthew Wrigley +18.917s
15 Thomas Johansson Team SKF +19.552s
16 Laurent Poncin John’s Racing Team +20.655s
17 Pascal Monbaron John’s Racing Team +22.495s
18 Horatio Fitz-Simon Classic Team Merlyn +26.221s
19 Henry Campbell +40.883s
20 Phil Oakes +41.328s
21 Andy Clark +49.225s
22 Eric Moulinet John’s Racing Team +49.435s
23 Martin Whitlock +1 lap
Ret Rick Morris Don Hardman Racing
Fastest lap: Cowley, 1m05.973s