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Ngatoa holds off Bilinski for FRegional Oceania win

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: TGR NZ

Kaleb Ngatoa resisted race-long pressure from Roman Bilinski to win the third Formula Regional Oceania race at Hampton Downs.

He was just 0.389 seconds ahead of Bilinski at the chequered flag in a relatively drama-free race. After a heavy accident in race two, Gerrard Xie missed the final race of the weekend and so Ngatoa inherited his second place on the grid.

Ngatoa took the lead early on after a lock-up for Bilinski allowed him to get alongside the poleman. He spent the first laps pulling away from the rest of the field, setting the fastest lap in the process. But this would not last long.

Bilinski picked up the pace midway through the race and started to close back in on Ngatoa. The championship leader took back the fastest lap, setting a new lap record as he closed in on Ngatoa. However he could not find a way past the leader.

For the remainder of the race, Bilinski tried to force a mistake, but Ngatoa did not put a wheel wrong to come home in first place.

Behind them, the rest of the field had seperated into pairs for much of the race. Nico Lacorte challenged Michael Shin for third early on, but Shin managed to shake off the race two winner, while Lacorte had a gap of 2.6s back to fifth place.

Liam Sceats beat Patrick Woods-Toth to that position, with Tommy Smith not far behind in seventh. Alex Crosbie, Titus Sherlock and Kaden Probst completed the top 10.

Race results (23 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Kaleb Ngatoa Giles Motorsport 34m24.885s
2 Roman Bilinski M2 Competition +0.389s
3 Michael Shin M2 Competition +4.612s
4 Nico Lacorte M2 Competition +6.628s
5 Liam Sceats M2 Competition +9.258s
6 Patrick Woods-Toth Kiwi Motorsport +15.846s
7 Tommy Smith MTEC Motorsport +17.470s
8 Alex Crosbie Giles Motorsport +21.045s
9 Titus Sherlock Kiwi Motorsport +31.276s
10 Kaden Probst MTEC Motorsport +35.349s
11 Elliott Cleary MTEC Motorsport +36.815s
12 Lucas Fecury MTEC Motorsport +37.342s
13 Landan Matriano Lim Giles Motorsport +38.066s
14 Jake Bonilla Kiwi Motorsport +43.092s
15 Jett Bowling Kiwi Motorsport +45.274s
DNS Gerrard Xie M2 Competition
Fastest lap: Bilinski, 1m29.067s

Championship standings
1 Bilinski 240   2 Sceats 190   3 Ngatoa 158   4 Smith 144   5 Woods-Toth 142   6 Christian Mansell 135   7 Shin 131   8 Lacorte 130   9 Crosbie 128   10 Xie 116