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Michelangelo Amendola crowned MRF Challenge champion

by Ida Wood

Michelangelo Amendola won the 2019-20 MRF Challenge title at Chennai with a race to spare as Louis Foster starred.

The first race on Sunday of the season finale was a reversed grid encounter, with Yuven Sundaramoorthy starting on pole ahead of Manaf Hijjawi.

Despite the best efforts of others they remained in those positions until the chequered flag, with Sundaramoorthy taking his second win of the season by 0.991 seconds.

Dylan Young just held off title rival Joshua Mason for third, with both cutting into the lead of sixth placed finished Amendola.

Sundaramoorthy started at the front again in the next race, but a stunning start and overtake from Louis Foster took him into the lead within the first two corners.

Further back there was a mass interlocking of wheels, causing Hijjawi and Mason to retire on the spot. Largim Ali was able to continue as the race was interrupted by the removal of the two retired cars, and Foster then pulled away from Sundaramoorthy to take victory in his first weekend in the championship.

Amendola rounded out the podium in a lonely third place, enough to crown the former Formula Ford 1600 racer as champion.

Mason went into the final race with the slimmest of chances of beating Young to second in the standings, but his plans were foiled by the Australian starting from pole and then controlling the race from the front.

Valdemar Eriksen took his best result of the season in second place, with Amendola adding another podium to his tally in third.

Results round-up
Race 4 (15 laps)
1 Yuven Sundaramoorthy 22m53.075s
2 Manaf Hijjawi +0.991s
3 Dylan Young +10.180s
4 Joshua Mason +10.811s
5 Louis Foster +13.135s
6 Michelangelo Amendola +14.120s
7 Largim Ali +14.594s
8 Valdemar Eriksen +17.137s
9 Reece Ushijima +17.789s
10 Chetan Korada +1m30.102s
FL: Sundaramoorthy, 1m30.323s

Race 5 (15 laps)
1 Foster 25m38.368s
2 Sundaramoorthy +2.696s
3 Amendola +6.636s
4 Ushijima +14.308s
5 Eriksen +16.077s
6 Young +18.214s
7 Ali +24.220s
8 Korada +44.879s
Ret Hijjawi
Ret Mason
FL: Foster, 1m31.053s

Race 6 (14 laps)
1 Young 21m33.558s
2 Eriksen +1.316s
3 Amendola +2.906s
4 Foster +3.568s
5 Ushijima +12.913s
6 Ali +13.500s
7 Sundaramoorthy +27.057s
8 Mason +30.882s
9 Korada +46.344s
FL: Sundaramoorthy, 1m31.080s

Championship standings
1 Amendola 247? ?2 Young 223? ?3 Mason 176? ?4 Hijjawi 148? ?5 Eriksen 148? ?6 Sundaramoorthy 138? ?7 Ushijima 104? ?8 Ali 83? ?9 David Schumacher 82? ?10 Foster 79