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Mardenborough in control in wet race at Highlands

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Jann Mardenborough has taken the Denny Hulme Memorial Trophy victory in wet track conditions, controlling a rather hectic Toyota Racing Series outing at Highlands.

The Brit managed to quickly get a grip on the difficult track conditions and led the entirety of the race. His biggest challenge came from Singaporean Andrew Tang and, as the two pulled way clear of the rest of the field, the Neale driver could not find a way past Mardenborough and had to settle for second at the checkered flag.

While there was no shortage of events in the actual race, the biggest turning point came before the start when Martin Rump, who was promoted to pole earlier, couldn’t make the grid due to damage in the second race.

The Estonian wasn’t the only frontrunner to take no points away from race three as Steijn Schothorst completed a luckless non-scoring weekend with another early retirement.

A brief yellow flag period followed the Dutchman’s retirement and, with the leading duo pulling away as the race went to green, Victory’s Damon Leitch settled into third and drove a comfortable race to round out the podium.

Race two winner Egor Orudzhev drove an outstanding race from the bottom of the grid and was up to fourth before hitting trouble and retiring on the penultimate lap.

As such, Gustavo Lima picked up the spot, ahead of a charging James Munro, who overtook multiple cars over the course of the race. Matteo Ferrer took sixth with Michael Scott in seventh, while Neil Alberico overtook Brendon Leitch for eighth during a recovery drive after an early misfire. Finally, tenth-placed Alif Hamdan picked up his first top-ten finish of the season.

Despite not starting the third race, Rump maintains the lead in the championship, although he’s only two points clear of Mardenborough. Tang, Damon Leitch and Orudzhev are 18, 20 and 36 points off respectively.

Race results
Pos. Driver Team Time/Gap
1 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport 19 laps in 33:00.247
2 Andrew Tang Neale Motorsport +0.299
3 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing +16.147
4 Gustavo Lima M2 Competition +23.585
5 James Munro Neale Motorsport +26.947
6 Matteo Ferrer Giles Motorsport +34.025
7 Michael Scott Victory Motor Racing +44.292
8 Neil Alberico Victory Motor Racing +44.706
9 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing +45.854
10 Alif Hamdan Giles Motorsport +1:04.175
11 Denis Korneev ETEC Motorsport +1:19.316
12 Matt Rao Giles Motorsport +1:20.757
13 Matevos Isaakyan ETEC Motorsport +1 lap
14 Macauley Jones M2 Competition +1 lap
15 Ryan Tveter Giles Motorsport +1 lap
Not classified
Egor Orudzhev M2 Competition +2 laps
Jordan Oon ETEC Motorsport +9 laps
Levin Amweg M2 Competition +15 laps
Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition +16 laps
Robin Hansson Victory Motor Racing +18 laps
DNS Martin Rump Giles Motorsport
DNS Martin Kodric ETEC Motorsport
Championship standings
Pos. Driver Team Points
1 Martin Rump Giles Motorsport 440
2 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport 438
3 Andrew Tang Neale Motorsport 422
4 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 420
5 Egor Orudzhev M2 Competition 406
6 James Munro Neale Motorsport 366
7 Ryan Tveter Giles Motorsport 283
8 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition 272
9 Jordan Oon ETEC Motorsport 268
10 Matevos Isaakyan ETEC Motorsport 261
11 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 253
12 Neil Alberico ETEC Motorsport 250
13 Gustavo Lima M2 Competition 249
14 Levin Amweg M2 Competition 243
15 Denis Korneev ETEC Motorsport 243
16 Michael Scott Victory Motor Racing 242
17 Matt Rao Victory Motor Racing 208
18 Alif Hamdan Giles Motorsport 163
19 Robin Hansson Victory Motor Racing 157
20 Matteo Ferrer Giles Motorsport 144
21 Pedro Piquet M2 Competition 142
22 Macauley Jones M2 Competition 137
23 Martin Kodric M2 Competition 79