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US F4 champion Joshua Car secures F3 Americas graduation

by Ida Wood

United States Formula 4 champion Joshua Car will step up to Formula 3 Americas next year with the Crosslink Competition team that has run him in F4 for the last two years.

The 19-year-old Australian was a champion in national karting championships in his home country and the USA before graduating to single-seaters in 2018.

In his first US F4 season, Car took two wins and finished fourth in the standings. This year he won six times, and wrapped up the title one round early.

?I am super excited to enter F3 Americas next season,? said Car.

?I?ve been extremely fortunate to receive all these opportunities from Patrick Flynn and the Crosslink team from go karts to F4 and now F3. This is a dream come true to me and I want to make work as much as I can.?

Crosslink’s F4 partner Kiwi Motorsport entered two F3 Americas rounds last year, and Crosslink will now also enter the championship for the first time.

?It is very exciting to move onto F3 with Josh,? said Crosslink team principal Patrick Flynn.

?Being the F4 champions it?s the natural progression and we are grateful for the opportunity that SCCA Pro Racing has given us with the added support going forward.

“We are ready as a team to be competitive. We wouldn?t do this without Joshua. He is the main motivation for us to expand our program. He started in karts with us and lives with us while in the states. He?s part of our family and is a perfect fit for us as a racing team.?

USF2000 has joined F3 Americas in revealing its first entry for 2020, with Yuven Sundaramoorthy returning to the championship with Pabst Racing.

The 16-year-old started racing cars in 2017, and finished third in F1600 Championship Series before joining Pabst in USF2000 this year. Sundaramoorthy finished 12th in the standings with five top 10 finishes.