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F4 round-up: Bogle takes spoils at US GP, Sato doubles at Motegi

by Rachel Hillman

Christian Bogle won both United States Formula 4 races in the Formula 1 support event at Circuit of the Americas.

Jose Blanco-Chock took pole for the first race, and led away as Nicky Hays was sent wide at Turn 1 and tumbled down the order. Kory Enders soon took over at the front, as a battle between Blanco-Chock and Kiko Porto ended in contact.

Enders led through two caution periods, but fell back on the last lap. That left champion Joshua Car and Michael d?Orlando fighting wheel-to-wheel for the win. Bogle remained close, but chose not to engage in the battle with the leaders.

It was a wise move by Bogle, who had qualified 11th, as the leaders made contact and he inherited victory. Christian Brooks finished second from 20th on the grid, with Enders rounding out the podium.

D?Orlando was penalised for the collision, as was Blanco-Chock for his incident.

Car had pole for race two, and was closely followed early on by Brooks and Blanco-Chock. Bogle then got in the mix and ended up passing Car for the lead, with Brooks following him through.

Guilherme Peixoto?s attempt to take third from Car was ended after braking late and running on at Turn 12.

A safety car period left the leaders with three laps to fight it out, with Blanco-Chock departing the battle by spinning at Turn 12.

Heading into the last lap Brooks took the lead, with d?Orlando and Car battling behind. A penalty for Brooks meant Bogle was named winner, with D’Orlando taking third due to a penalty for Car.

Japanese F4 champion Ren Sato dominated the Motegi season finale, taking his eighth win in a row.

Sato held the lead in race one from pole position, as battles brewed behind. A safety car period prevented Sato from having it easy, and he had to fend off Reiji Hiraki at the restart.

Kakunoshin Ohta was running in third, but a mistake dropped him down the field. That handed the place to Iori Kimura, who had just held off Kotaro Sakurai and Hibiki Taira.

Sato led from pole again in race two, which had immediate chaos. Taira span into retirement, with Sota Ogawa and Togo Suganami crashing in avoidance.

After a safety car period to recover the crashed cars, Kohta Kawaai tried passing Sato for the lead. He locked up and wasted his opportunity, leaving Sato to take a comfortable win. Kawaai held on to second, with championship runner-up Atsushi Miyake finishing third.


Results round-up?[pole in bold, fastest lap in italics]

United States
Race 1 (10 laps) Race 2 (10 laps)
1 Christian Bogle 26m01.960s
2 Christian Brooks +1.268s
3 Kory Enders +1.741s
4 Guilherme Peixoto +1.926s
5 Chandler Horton +4.454s
1 Bogle 24m52.399s
2 Brooks +4.655s
3 Michael D’Orlando +6.459s
4 Nicky Hays +7.333s
5 Kiko Porto +9.353s
Standings 1 Car 299? ?2 Porto 220? ?3 Brooks 209? ?4 Jose Blanco-Chock 158 ? 5 Leist 154
Race 1 (13 laps) Race 2 (13 laps)
1?Ren Sato 30m39.702s
2 Reiji Hiraki +0.550s
3 Iori Kimura +7.209s
4 Kotaro Sakurai +7.617s
5 Hibiki Taira +7.907s
1 Sato 30m24.707s
2 Kohta Kawaai +1.610s
3 Atsushi Miyake +4.583s
4 Hiraki +5.082s
5 Kimura +8.621s
Standings 1 Sato 311? ?2 Miyake 147? ?3 Kawaai 131? ?4 Hiraki 129? ?5 Togo Suganami 128