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Hedley tops GB3’s pre-event Silverstone test, Granfors fastest in GB4

by Steve Whitfield

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

VRD by Arden’s James Hedley topped GB3’s two-day pre-event test on Silverstone’s Grand Prix layout.

Hedley was 0.156 seconds quicker than Louis Sharp, setting his best lap in Thursday’s second session. FIA Formula 3 race-winner Arvid Lindblad was third quickest for Fortec Motorsports as he tested to learn the track.

Action got underway in dry but chilly conditions. McKenzy Cresswell set the early pace and continued to improve before being edged by Edward Pearson. Sharp then exchanged top spot with John Bennett, but it was Tymek Kucharczyk who ended session one fastest with a 1m53.149s, with Hedley 0.109s behind.

Jarrod Waberski lowered the pace to 1m53.046s with five minutes left of session two before Hedley posted two quicker laps than him, his 1m52.743s ending up being the fastest of the test.

Lindblad’s personal best was delivered in session three, which he led over Shawn Rashid and Bennett. Light rain fell at the start of session four, and Cresswell posted a 1m52.911s to lead Lindblad and Sharp. The lap put him fourth overall.

Few improved on Friday despite bright and sunny conditions. Lindblad led session five with a 1m53.536s before a brief red flag period, with Hedley going quicker at the resumption. Waberski posted a session-topping 1m53.265s after the chequered flag, with Nikita Johnson lapping within 0.003s of him and FIA F3 race-winner Martinius Stenshorne just 0.071s further adrift ahead of his GB3 debut.

Johnson led most of session six before being pipped late on by Sharp who fractionally improved on his personal best but remained second in the test’s combined timesheet. Having also set a personal best, Johnson moved up to fifth overall.

Stenshorne, Will Macintyre, Gerrard Xie and Aditya Kulkarni also bettered their Thursday pace.

Formula Regional driver James Wharton – making a GB3 cameo this weekend – drove on Friday and was 23rd fastest. Santiago Ramos – another F3 driver learning Silverstone ahead of racing there on the British Grand Prix support bill – joined the test on both days with Douglas Motorsport but ran without a transponder in the first three sessions.

There were 18 drivers in GB4 testing and Linus Granfors topped five sessions. The Swede was only beaten in the opening one, when Finn Harrison was quickest ahead of Alisha Palmowski before a late rain shower.

Harry Burgoyne Jr led session two before Granfors lowered the pace over a series of laps to end fastest with a 2m01.885s. Arden’s Leon Wilson was 0.231s behind, and Palmowski moved up to third on her final lap.

Granfors improved his benchmark in the final five minutes of session three to a 2m01.291s, putting him 0.078s ahead of Brandon McCaughan, as Callum Baxter edged Wison and Palmowski to third. Granfors led again from McCaughan and Burgoyne in a slightly slower session four.

Megan Bruce, Christian Lester and Marcus Luzio were the only drivers setting personal bests on Friday, and the latter ended session five third behind Wilson – the pair over 0.8s off Granfors. Wilson was again Granfors’ closest challenger in a final session disrupted by red flags, with Branden Templeton third.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 James Hedley VRD by Arden 1m52.743s 70
2 Louis Sharp Rodin Motorsport 1m52.882s +0.139s 71
3 Arvid Lindblad Fortec Motorsports 1m52.904s +0.161s 69
4 McKenzy Cresswell Elite Motorsport 1m52.911s +0.168s 69
5 Nikita Johnson VRD by Arden 1m52.974s +0.231s 73
6 Jarrod Waberski Elite Motorsport 1m53.000s +0.257s 64
7 Ugo Ugochukwu Rodin Motorsport 1m53.018s +0.275s 20
8 Shawn Rashid VRD by Arden 1m53.102s +0.359s 69
9 John Bennett JHR Developments 1m53.112s +0.369s 68
10 Tymek Kucharczyk Hitech GP 1m53.179s +0.436s 70
11 Martinius Stenshorne Chris Dittmann Racing 1m53.182s +0.439s 67
12 Will Macintyre Hitech GP 1m53.360s +0.617s 68
13 Noah Ping VRD by Arden 1m53.450s +0.707s 73
14 Gerrard Xie Hitech GP 1m53.461s +0.718s 70
15 Josh Irfan JHR Developments 1m53.496s +0.753s 71
16 Patrick Heuzenroeder JHR Developments 1m53.502s +0.759s 64
17 Hugo Schwarze Elite Motorsport 1m53.519s +0.776s 69
18 Edward Pearson Fortec Motorsports 1m53.734s +0.991s 67
19 Santiago Ramos Douglas Motorsport 1m53.744s +1.001s 32
20 Arthur Rogeon Rodin Motorsport 1m53.836s +1.093s 71
21 Flynn Jackes Chris Dittmann Racing 1m53.898s +1.155s 67
22 Colin Queen Fortec Motorsports 1m54.074s +1.331s 57
23 James Wharton Fortec Motorsports 1m54.275s +1.532s 20
24 Seb Murray Chris Dittmann Racing 1m54.354s +1.611s 64
25 Aditya Kulkarni Hillspeed 1m55.235s +2.492s 71
26 Nikolas Taylor Hillspeed 1m55.584s +2.841s 16
1 Linus Granfors Fortec Motorsports 2m01.291s 54
2 Brandon McCaughan KMR Sport 2m01.369s +0.078s 55
3 Callum Baxter Graham Brunton Racing 2m02.005s +0.714s 60
4 Leon Wilson Arden 2m02.116s +0.825s 60
5 Alisha Palmowski Elite Motorsport 2m02.187s +0.896s 56
6 Marcus Luzio 2m02.224s +0.933s 59
7 Harry Burgoyne Jr KMR Sport 2m02.378s +1.087s 58
8 Chloe Grant KMR Sport 2m02.528s +1.237s 54
9 Branden Templeton Fox Motorsport 2m02.553s +1.262s 60
10 Finn Harrison Elite Motorsport 2m02.618s +1.327s 55
11 Jack Taylor Fortec Motorsports 2m03.308s +2.017s 56
12 Megan Bruce Fox Motorsport 2m03.445s +2.154s 59
13 Alexander Mizera Idola Motorsport 2m03.586s +2.295s 57
14 Dan Hickey Fortec Motorsports 2m03.598s +2.307s 56
15 Christian Lester Rossoverde Racing 2m03.830s +2.539s 37
16 Flame Airikkala Preptech UK 2m04.988s +3.697s 52
17 Mayer Deonarine Graham Brunton Racing 2m05.246s +3.955s 58
18 Bas Visser Graham Brunton Racing 2m08.450s +7.159s 51