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Haverkort fends off MP team-mates to win Valencia Spanish F4 opener

by Peter Allen

Kas Haverkort absorbed sustained pressure from MP Motorsport team-mates to win the first Spanish Formula 4 race of the weekend at Valencia.

Haverkort led Joshua Dufek away from pole position, while Global Racing Service driver Suleiman Zanfari slipped back from third on the grid to fifth as Thomas ten Brinke and Mari Boya both moved forward from the third row to make it an all-MP top-four.

After a safety car on lap three to recover the car of Javier Sagrera, Haverkort couldn’t pull away from Dufek and ten Brinke, with the trio covered by less than a second for much of the race.

In the closing minutes Haverkort finally did start to build a gap and finished up 2.799 seconds clear of Dufek as the championship leader took his fifth win of the season.

Second for Dufek is his best result to-date while ten Brinke remained on his tail as he claimed his third podium finish from his fourth single-seater start.

Boya, who originally qualified third but took a grid penalty, couldn’t keep pace with the front three after the restart and finished four seconds back in fourth place, a second ahead of Zanfari.

Paul-Adrien Pallot was sixth ahead of Lorenzo Fluxa, with MP’s fifth driver Oliver Goethe taking eighth. Carles Martinez and Valdemar Eriksen rounded out the top 10.

Update: Boya and Zanfari both had seven seconds added to their race times due to track-limits infringements. Boya was demoted to seventh, while Zanfari was additionally penalised 25 seconds for a dangerous manoeuvre and classified in 16th place. Fluxa and Goethe were among several to be penalised two-seconds for track limits breaches.

Race results (17 laps) 
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Kas Haverkort MP Motorsport 28m07.599s
2 Joshua Dufek MP Motorsport +2.799s
3 Thomas ten Brinke MP Motorsport +3.293s
4 Paul-Adrien Pallot Drivex School +9.806s
5 Carles Martinez Praga F4 +13.488s
6 Lorenzo Fluxa Global Racing Service +13.516s
7 Mari Boya MP Motorsport +14.394s
8 Valdemar Eriksen Drivex School +14.785s
9 Oliver Goethe MP Motorsport +15.085s
10 Quique Bordas Praga F4 +15.095s
11 Alex Garcia Global Racing Service +20.126s
12 Enzo Joullie MP Motorsport +27.123s
13 Mehrbod Shameli Xcel Motorsport +29.655s
14 Manuel Silva Drivex School +33.499s
15 Eloy Sebastian Lopez Global Racing Service +39.631s
16 Suleiman Zanfari Global Racing Service +40.428s
17 Augustin Collinot Drivex School +51.681s
18 Lena Buhler Drivex School +1 lap
19 Ignacio Montenegro MP Motorsport +1 lap
20 Ivan Nosov Drivex School +2 laps
Ret Javier Sagrera MOL Racing
Pole: Haverkort, 1m33.555s       Fastest lap: ten Brinke, 1m34.214s

Championship standings
1 Haverkort 151   2 Boya 119   3 Goethe 98   4 Dufek 85   5 Fluxa 62   6 Filip Ugran 55   7 ten Brinke 54   8 Eriksen 48   9 Nosov 33   10 Francesco Simonazzi 23