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Hadjar tops FRAC test, Meguetounif joins Evans GP at Yas Marina

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRAC

New Red Bull junior Isack Hadjar was the fastest driver in pre-event testing for the Formula Regional Asian Championship finale at Yas Marina Circuit, as two drivers joined the grid.

Evans GP has added Sami Meguetounif to its line-up for this weekend, with the Frenchman getting more experience of FRegional machinery after contesting the final two rounds of the European championship last year.

He also came 11th in ADAC Formula 4 in 2021, and fourth in French F4 the year before that.

“Heading to Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi for the last round of FRAC with Evans GP,” said Meguetounif. “Glad to get this opportunity in order to prepare as best as possible my season. Upcoming news very soon about it.”

Hadjar’s team Hitech GP has added Vlad Lomko, sixth in ADAC F4 last year, to its roster for the finale.

“Ready to hit the Yas Marina circuit, under the sun, with the Hitech team. Let’s go for the best result,” he said.

Hadjar was the pacesetter in the afternoon test session, becoming the only driver to break into the 1m49s.

Mumbai Falcons’ points leader Arthur Leclerc had been fastest in the morning session, interrupted by red flags caused by Meguetounif, ahead of Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema’s Paul Aron by a quarter of a second.

Early on it had been Mumbai’s Ollie Bearman who had been fastest, and at the point of the red flag it was Pinnacle Motorsport’s Dilano van’t Hoff who was top of the times.

Most drivers improved in session two, with Leclerc being one of the notable exceptions, and he ended up second overall and 0.225s back from Hadjar.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Isack Hadjar Hitech GP 1m49.859s 24
2 Arthur Leclerc Mumbai Falcons 1m50.084s +0.225s 38
3 Ido Cohen BlackArts Racing 1m50.122s +0.263s 39
4 Gabriele Mini Hitech GP 1m50.127s +0.268s 39
5 Pierre-Louis Chovet BlackArts Racing 1m50.178s +0.319s 42
6 Ollie Bearman Mumbai Falcons 1m50.253s +0.394s 38
7 Paul Aron Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema 1m50.317s +0.458s 37
8 Dino Beganovic Mumbai Falcons 1m50.329s +0.470s 37
9 Dilano van’t Hoff Pinnacle Motorsport 1m50.448s +0.589s 41
10 Michael Belov Evans GP 1m50.491s +0.632s 43
11 Francesco Braschi 3Y by R-ace GP 1m50.609s +0.750s 40
12 Jak Crawford Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema 1m50.691s +0.760s 35
13 Oliver Goethe 3Y by R-ace GP 1m50.789s +0.930s 41
14 Patrik Pasma Evans GP 1m50.937s +1.078s 41
15 Pepe Marti Pinnacle Motorsport 1m51.065s +1.206s 35
16 Owen Tangavelou Hitech GP 1m51.069s +1.210s 46
17 Lena Buhler 3Y by R-ace GP 1m51.072s +1.213s 39
18 Lorenzo Fluxa 3Y by R-ace GP 1m51.140s +1.281s 38
19 Hamda Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema 1m51.241s +1.382s 34
20 Sami Meguetounif Evans GP 1m51.288s +1.429s 39
21 Nicola Marinangeli Evans GP 1m51.443s +1.584s 36
22 David Morales Evans GP 1m51.931s +2.072s 43
23 Levente Revesz Evans GP Academy 1m51.957s +2.098s 46
24 Vlad Lomko Hitech GP 1m52.025s +2.166s 47
25 Khaled Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema 1m52.177s +2.318s 40
26 Amna Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema 1m52.334s +2.475s 36
27 Salih Yoluc Pinnacle Motorsport 1m52.815s +2.956s 40
28 Ayato Iwasaki Pinnacle Motorsport 1m52.977s +3.118s 36
29 Thomas Luedi BlackArts Racing 1m54.047s +4.188s 32