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Gillian Henrion takes maiden French F4 win at Hungaroring

by Bethonie Waring

Gillian Henrion held off a late charge from Sten van der Henst at the Hungaroring to take his first French Formula 4 victory.

Henrion snatched the race lead off the line and built a gap of over two seconds as Van der Henst battled to keep Jules Mettetal behind.

In the closing stages of the race, Van der Henst managed to shake off Mettetal and set about catching the race leader. The Belgian racer came within a second of Henrion, but ran out of laps before getting close enough to make a move.

Mettetal spent the second half of the race leading the fight for the final podium position. Evan Spenle fronted the charge behind him, pulling alongside Mettetal and allowing Ugo Gazil, Reshad de Gerus, and Victor Bernier to draw onto the back of the pair.

Mettetal held off Spenle, but then a wide moment allowed Spenle and Bernier to pass. Junior winner Bernier came through to finish third, his second podium of the season, ahead of Spenle and Mettetal.

Despite making contact, de Gerus and Gazil were both able to continue to finish sixth and seventh.

Nicky Hays, Enzo Valente, and Stuart White completed the top 10, while championship leader Hadrien David retired in the pitlane.


Race results
Pos Driver Time
1 Gillian Henrion 12 laps
2 Sten Van der Henst +0.848s
3 Victor Bernier +3.892s
4 Evan Spenle +4.256s
5 Jules Mettetal +4.899s
6 Reshad de Gerus +5.126s
7 Ugo Gazil +5.708s
8 Nicky Hays +6.157s
9 Enzo Valente +9.348s
10 Stuwie White +9.739s
11 Simon Ohlin +10.422s
12 Isack Hadjar +11.867s
13 Mikkel Grundtvig +13.361s
14 Mathis Poulet +16.254s
15 Pierre-Francois Duriani +16.692s
16 Valdemar Eriksen +17.069s
17 Vladislav Lomko +24.047s
18 Bryson Lew +32.418s
19 Paul-Adrien Pallot +47.994s
Ret Hadrien David
Fastest lap: Mettetal, 1m53.051s

Championship standings
de Gerus 180? ?2 David 176? ?3 Henrion 127? ?4 Hays 114? ?5 White 114? ?6 Valente 108? ?7 Van der Henst 77? ?8 Spenle 67? ?9 Gazil 65? ?10 Mettetal 53

Junior standings? ?1 Hadjar 230? ?2 Bernier 223? ?3 Pallot 174