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GB3 to introduce new halo-shod car for 2022

by Ida Wood

The recently rebranded GB3 championship has announced it will introduce a brand new car with a halo for next season.

The Tatuus MSV-022 chassis is a new design, and has improved side-impact protection, revisions to the roll hoop, headrest, front anti-intrusion panel, seat and fuel cell areas that distinguish it from the current car that has been in use since 2015.

Aerodynamic differences include a revised underfloor, diffuser, skid block, keel and bib, as well as changes to the side pods, radiator ducts, damper cover and engine cover that will contribute to increased downforce levels.

“The introduction of the new chassis and other elements of the upgrade package to the GB3 championship will ensure that the series strengthens its position as the UK’s leading single-seater championship for many years to come,” said Jonathan Palmer, chief executive officer of series organiser MotorSport Vision.

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Tatuus. Gianfranco De Bellis and his team has done an outstanding job since we started working with them in 2015, and they’ve again produced an exceptional cost-effective upgrade that meets current safety requirements, while also ensuring the car retains the reliability and parity that has made the championship so popular.”

The current Mountune engine, now in its second season of use, will be upgraded for a 20bhp power boost that for increased air-flow will require a side-mounted air intake similar to that seen on the Dallara 320 used in Euroformula.

There will also be a switch to a fly-by-wire port throttle inlet manifold system, while the rest of the internals of the car will be carried over from the current chassis. The addition of the halo is expected to lead to a weight increase of only 12 kilograms over the Tatuus MSV F4-016, and teams could be recieving the upgrade package as soon as November.