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Mixed fortunes for French F4 leader Hadrien David at Ledenon

by Peter Allen


Hadrien David had a weekend of mixed fortunes at Ledenon, winning the opening race before receiving a penalty for contact with French Formula 4 title rival Reshad de Gerus in race three.

David took a double pole in qualifying for the third time in four attempts so far this season, just over a tenth ahead of de Gerus, and converted the first of those into a straightforward win in race one.

De Gerus finished two seconds back in second place, with Nicky Hays getting ahead of Enzo Valente and then Victor Bernier on the first lap to claim third.

For the second round in a row, Mikkel Grundtvig had reversed-grid pole for race two and this time held onto his advantage, setting the fastest lap to pull away from Sten van der Henst by four seconds. The top three ended as they started, with Stuart White rounding out the podium.

Isack Hadjar also remained fourth, but de Gerus came from ninth on the grid to finish fifth. David had to make do with ninth, having had to use one tyre carried over from Spa due to an issue with his race set.

In race three, Hays blasted from fifth to the lead by lap two, and took a dominant maiden win with a margin of 15 seconds.

David was left to try and defend second from a pack of cars that was headed by de Gerus until the pair banged wheels, with de Gerus forced into the gravel. David received a?drive-through penalty that he served shortly before the end of the race, dropping him to the rear of the field.

With a damaged rear wing, Valente moved up into second but was passed by Hadjar on the final lap, with Hadjar’s fellow Junior driver Bernier taking fourth away from de Gerus.

Results round-up
Race 1 (15 laps)
1 Hadrien David 21m29.587s
2 Reshad de Gerus +2.115s
3 Nicky Hays +9.215s
4 Victor Bernier +10.140s
5 Enzo Valente +10.648s
6 Gillian Henrion +11.709s
7 Isack Hadjar +13.410s
8 Stuart White +14.145s
9 Sten van der Henst +14.674s
10 Mikkel Grundtvig +15.731s
Pole: David, 1m24.994s
Fastest lap: David, 1m25.001s

Race 2 (15 laps)
1 Grundtvig 21m42.575s
2 van der Henst +4.404s
3 White +5.366s
4 Hadjar +5.857s
5 de Gerus +6.321s
6 Henrion +7.709s
7 Hays +8.735s
8 Valente +9.732s
9 David +10.610s
10 Bernier +10.711s
FL: Gruntvig, 1m25.830s

Race 3 (15 laps)
1 Hays 21m44.237s
2 Hadjar +15.741s
3 Valente +16.111s
4 Bernier +16.729s
5 De Gerus +17.788s
6 Henrion +18.892s
7 White +19.556s
8 Grundtvig +19.886s
9 Jules Mettetal +20.347s
10 van der Henst +21.106s
P: David, 1m25.025s
FL: Hays, 1m25.997s

Overall championship standings
1?David 158? ?2?de Gerus 151? ?3?Hays 93? ?4?White 93? ?5?Henrion 90? ?6?Valente 89? ?7?Hadjar 84? ?8 Bernier 51? ?9?Van der Henst 46? ?10 Ugo?Gazil 37