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FIA F3 reveals full entry list for post-season Jerez test

by Ida Wood

Photo: Formula Motorsport Limited

The full entry list for this week’s post-season FIA Formula 3 Championship test on September 21-23 at Jerez has been released.

Each of the three days of the test will be split into two sessions, with the morning session running from 9am to midday local time on each day. The afternoon session on the first two days will run from 2pm to 5pm, and will run an hour earlier on day three.

Pirelli’s hard compound tyre will be made available to drivers through the test, with each car given eight sets of slick tyres and three sets of grooved tyres for wet conditions.

The highest placed driver from the recently finished season to be taking part is Franco Colapinto, who moves from Van Amersfoort Racing to MP Motorsport.

Also moving to MP for the test is Jonny Edgar, who raced for Trident this year, and Formula Regional European Championship racer Mari Boya. Formula Scout understands that Boya’s mid-season move from ART Grand Prix to MP in FREC was influenced by the prospect of the future FIA F3 opportunities with the Dutch squad.

In addition to drivers in the previously announced test line-ups from Charouz Racing System, Jenzer Motorsport and Prema, there are high-profile changes of teams elsewhere in the pitlane.

Euroformula leader Oliver Goethe, who spent two rounds in F3 with Campos Racing, will test for Trident and his title rival Christian Mansell will drive for Campos this week. Both will need to head to Monza on Friday though for Euroformula free practice, and a fourth driver for testing has not been announced by either team.

Spanish Formula 4 leader Nikola Tsolov will test with ART GP, while Joel Granfors is representing GB3 as he tests with Carlin. This year’s GB3 champion will get a prize FIA F3 test, but as the season is yet to conclude it has yet to be determined which driver will get that test.

FIA F3 Jerez test entry list
Pos Driver Team 2022
#1 Leonardo Fornaroli Trident Currently 9th in FREC
#2 Gabriel Bortoleto Trident Currently 6th in FREC
#3 Oliver Goethe Trident Currently 1st in Euroformula
#4 Paul Aron Prema Currently 3rd in FREC
#5 Zak O’Sullivan Prema 11th in FIA F3
#6 Dino Beganovic Prema Currently 1st in FREC
#7 Kaylen Frederick D1-D2 ART Grand Prix 17th in FIA F3
#7 Brad Benavides D3 ART Grand Prix 23rd in FIA F3
#8 Gregoire Saucy D1 ART Grand Prix 15th in FIA F3
#8 Roberto Faria D2-D3 ART Grand Prix Currently 4th in GB3
#9 Nikola Tsolov ART Grand Prix Currently 1st in Spanish F4
#10 Franco Colapinto MP Motorsport 9th in FIA F3
#11 Jonny Edgar MP Motorsport 12th in FIA F3
#12 Mari Boya MP Motorsport Currently 8th in FREC
#14 Emmo Fittipaldi D1 Charouz Racing System Currently 19th in Italian F4
#14 Matias Zagazeta D2-D3 Charouz Racing System Currently 33rd in FREC
#15 Alessandro Famularo Charouz Racing System 39th in FIA F3
#16 Nicola Marinangeli Charouz Racing System Currently 11th in Euroformula
#17 Sebastian Montoya Hitech GP Currently 11th in FREC
#18 Gabriele Mini Hitech GP Currently 2nd in FREC
#19 Reece Ushijima Hitech GP 20th in FIA F3
#20 Christian Mansell D1-D2 Campos Racing Currently 2nd in Euroformula
#20/21 Francesco Pizzi D1 & D3 Campos Racing 27th in FIA F3
#21 Hugh Barter D2-D3 Campos Racing Currently 1st in French F4
#22 Pepe Marti Campos Racing 26th in FIA F3
#23 Alex Garcia Jenzer Motorsport Currently 9th in Euroformula
#24 Taylor Barnard Jenzer Motorsport Currently 2nd in ADAC F4
#25 Nikita Bedrin Jenzer Motorsport Currently 4th in ADAC F4
#26 Hadrien David D2 Carlin Currently 4th in FREC
#26 Hunter Yeany D1 & D3 Carlin 33rd in FIA F3
#27 Joel Granfors Carlin Currently 2nd in GB3
#28 Arias Deukmedjian Carlin Currently 21st in Italian F4
29 Max Esterson D2-D3 Van Amersfoort Racing Currently 7th in GB3
#29 Noel Leon D1 Van Amersfoort Racing Currently 22nd in FREC
#30 Rafael Villagomez Van Amersfoort Racing 25th in FIA F3
#31 Roberto Faria D1 Van Amersfoort Racing Currently 4th in GB3
#31 Lorenzo Fluxa D2-D3 Van Amersfoort Racing Currently 13th in FREC