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Dunne wins, Antonelli second in Italian F4’s final Red Bull Ring race

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: ACI Sport

Alex Dunne won Italian Formula 4’s final race of the weekend at the Red Bull Ring, holding off team-mate Kasper Sztuka for his third victory of the campaign.

Sztuka was swamped by a charging trio of Prema drivers in the final laps and did drop back to fifth, while championship leader Andrea Kimi Antonelli took second.

Sztuka got the best start off the line, briefly passing pole-sitter Dunne for the lead, but Dunne came back through by the end of the opening lap.

A brief safety car period, brought about after Kim Hwarang was spun around and stopped on track, neutralised the order but Sztuka kept the pressure on Dunne on the restart.

The US Racing pair were joined by Ugo Ugocghukwu, James Wharton and Antonelli to make it a five-car battle for the lead. The top three were briefly able to escape as Antonelli fought his way past Wharton, but he quickly climbed back onto the tail of the leader.

But it wouldn’t be until the final laps what Antonelli moved any further forwards. He managed to pass Ugochukwu without issue then battled to find a way past Sztuka, who defended well but made himself vulnerable to Ugochukwu once Antonelli came through. Ugochukwu soon followed his team-mate past, with Wharton knocking Sztuka down to his end position of fifth.

Antonelli had no time to challenge Dunne after, and finished 0.540 seconds back.

Behind the lead group, Conrad Laursen took sixth ahead of Prema team-mate Charlie Wurz, who spent the race battling to keep Nikita Bedrin behind him. Martinius Stenshorne and Taylor Barnard completed the top 10, the latter doing so after starting down in 26th.

Race result (15 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Alex Dunne US Racing 24m35.258s
2 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema +0.540s
3 Ugo Ugochukwu Prema +2.852s
4 James Wharton Prema +3.361s
5 Kacper Sztuka US Racing +3.712s
6 Conrad Laursen Prema +4.708s
7 Charlie Wurz Prema +5.607s
8 Nikita Bedrin PHM Racing +6.158s
9 Martinius Stenshorne Van Amersfoort Racing +6.623s
10 Taylor Barnard PHM Racing +7.085s
11 Marcus Amand US Racing +8.818s
12 Maya Weug Iron Lynx +11.078s
13 Nikhil Bohra US Racing +11.441s
14 Rafael Camara Prema +14.573s
15 William Karlsson BVM Racing +15.950s
16 Ivan Domingues Iron Lynx +16.745s
17 Valentin Kluss Jenzer Motorsport +17.666s
18 Zachary David US Racing +18.323s
19 Emmo Fittipaldi Van Amersfoort Racing +18.748s
20 Jules Castro Van Amersfoort Racing +19.013s
21 Brando Badoer Van Amersfoort Racing +22.446s
22 Victoria Blokhina PHM Racing +25.004s
23 Arvid Lindblad Van Amersfoort Racing +28.040s
24 Alex Partyshev Jenzer Motorsport +28.427s
25 Elia Sperandio Maffi Racing +29.200s
26 Ethan Ischer Jenzer Motorsport +31.834s
27 Niko Lacorte Cetilar Racing by Iron Lynx +32.361s
28 Pedro Perino US Racing +32.694s
29 Georgios Markogiannis Cram Motorsport +34.004s
30 Frederik Lund R-ace GP +36.031s
31 Andrea Frassineti Cars Racing +40.015s
32 Giovanni Maschio AS Motorsport +41.338s
33 Valerio Rinicella AKM Motorsport +1 lap
Ret Jonas Ried PHM Racing
Ret Kim Hwarang BVM Racing
Ret Adam Fitzgerald R-ace GP
Fastest lap: Antonelli, 1m31.577s

Championship standings
1 Antonelli 262   2 Rafael Camara 201   3 Alex Dunne 197   4 James Wharton 150   5 Sztuka 135   6 Wurz 128   7 Amand 85   8 Laursen 81   9 Bedrin 80   10 Barnard 70