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Bryce Aron dominates Euroformula race two at Hungaroring

by Ida Wood

Photo: Fotospeedy

Bryce Aron picked up his second Euroformula win of the season in race two of the weekend at the Hungaroring.

The top six finishers from race one were reversed to form the race two grid, with Aron on pole ahead of Juju Noda, Francesco Simonazzi, Josh Mason and Cian Shields.

However Shields did not get going on the formation lap, and was pushed by his Motopark team into the pitlane where they worked on his car to ensure he could then start the race. That meant he earned a drive-through penalty as Motopark had been “carrying out service operations after the one-minute board”.

Aron made a strong start and had the inside line down into turn one, while Noda squirrelled out of her grid spot and tried covering off Mason who almost immediately passed Simonazzi.

Mason went for the outside line at the opening corner and managed to pass Noda, while race one winner Noel Leon demoted Simonazzi to fifth at turn two.

Aron built a lead of 1.5 seconds on lap one, and kept on adding to it during the race to finish 8.412s clear.

Mason had his mirrors full of Noda for much of the race, with Leon often joining the rear of that battle too at times when he gapped himself from Simonazzi.

Noda only twice had a look at attempting a pass on Mason, and both ended up costing her time and leaving her vulnerable to Leon behind.

That made her cautious to attempt a move again, but she did get extremely close to Mason in the final two laps and earned her first podium in the series by finishing third.

Points leader Leon followed them home in fourth, with Simonazzi chasing him in fifth and Benjamin Berta keeping it clean to finish not far behind them in sixth.

Within five laps of the race, Effective Racing’s Vladimir Netusil has been passed by pitlane starter Shields, and he copped a warning for blocking him prior to them swapping positions.

On lap eight there was then a spin for Netusil exiting the turns six/seven chicane and he ended up half beached on the grass alongside the track. It took a minute for him to move the car forward fully onto the grass, then several more before he was able to spin his car around and get going again. He eventually finished two laps down.

Race result (17 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Bryce Aron Motopark 27m23.388s
2 Josh Mason CryptoTower Racing +8.412s
3 Juju Noda Noda Racing +8.797s
4 Noel Leon Motopark +9.561s
5 Francesco Simonazzi BVM Racing +10.380s
6 Benjamin Berta CryptoTower Racing +11.877s
7 Jakob Bergmeister Motopark +18.241s
8 Cian Shields Motopark +41.378s
9 Vladimir Netusil Effective Racing +2 laps
Ret Paolo Brajnik NV Racing
Fastest lap: Aron, 1m35.707s

Championship standings
1 Leon 156   2 Aron 120   3 Simonazzi 117   4 Shields 99   5 Mason 71   6 Noda 65   7 Tim Tramnitz 55   8 Enzo Trulli 50   9 Bergmeister 40   10 Netusil 17