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Brooks takes pole for first USF2000 race in St. Petersburg

by Craig Woollard

Photo: Gavin Baker Photography/Road to Indy

Exclusive Autosport will have its car filling the front row of the first USF2000 race in St. Petersburg, as Christian Brooks beat Matt Round-Garrido to pole in first qualifying.

Brooks, who took a brace of fifth places in the opening round of the season at Barber, was towards the top of the times throughout the 20-minute session.

But it was his penultimate flyer that was his best effort, heading team-mate Round-Garrido by nearly three tenths of a second.

His final effort was less than a thousandth off his best effort, which would have also given him the top spot. It’s his second pole at the circuit, having taken his first USF2000 pole at the same event in last year’s finale.

Cape Motorsports’ Michael d’Orlando – who spent the opening part of the session sat in the pits – rounded out the top three, ahead of Turn 3 Motorsport’s Josh Green, who put in a late effort to take fourth.

Pabst Racing’s Yuven Sundaramoorthy appeared to bring out a red flag towards the mid-point of the session, having just gone fifth fastest. After having his fastest lap deleted as a result, he recovered to take that same spot.

DEForce Racing’s Kiko Porto, who topped the sole practice session that was interrupted by a Peter Vodanovich crash, took sixth with a late effort, ahead of Josh Pierson (Pabst Racing), Billy Frazer (Exclusive), Myles Rowe (Force Indy) and championship leader Prescott Campbell (DEForce).

DEForce’s Nolan Siegel did not leave the pits throughout the session, while returnee Michael Myers took 15th position. Despite being entered, Legacy Autosport’s Simon Sikes did not appear in practice or qualifying.

Qualifying results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Christian Brooks Exclusive Autosport 1m11.9887s 13
2 Matt Round-Garrido Exclusive Autosport 1m12.2811s +0.2924s 13
3 Michael d’Orlando Cape Motorsports 1m12.3252s +0.3365s 10
4 Josh Green Turn 3 Motorsport 1m12.3489s +0.3602s 12
5 Yuven Sundaramoorthy Pabst Racing 1m12.4032s +0.4145s 13
6 Kiko Porto DEForce Racing 1m12.4039s +0.4152s 14
7 Josh Pierson Pabst Racing 1m12.4193s +0.4306s 14
8 Billy Frazer Exclusive Autosport 1m12.7133s +0.7246s 12
9 Myles Rowe Force Indy 1m12.7203s +0.7316s 13
10 Prescott Campbell DEForce Racing 1m12.7218s +0.7331s 13
11 Spike Kohlbecker Cape w/ Ignite Autosport 1m12.7596s +0.7709s 10
12 Jace Denmark-Gessel Pabst Racing 1m12.8011s +0.8124s 13
13 Bijoy Garg JHDD 1m12.8576s +0.8689s 12
14 Thomas Nepveu Cape Motorsports 1m12.8923s +0.9036s 13
15 Michael Myers Michael Myers Racing 1m13.0002s +1.0115s 13
16 Andre Castro Legacy Autosport 1m13.0777s +1.0890s 12
17 Peter Vodanovich JHDD 1m13.1024s +1.1137s 12
18 Dylan Christie Turn 3 Motorsport 1m13.1045s +1.1158s 12
19 Erik Evans Velocity Racing Development 1m13.1348s +1.1461s 13
20 Ely Navarro DEForce Racing 1m13.1450s +1.1563s 13
21 Evan Stamer Cape w/ Ignite Autosport 1m13.3613s +1.3726s 13
22 Trey Burke Joe Dooling Autosports 1m13.5235s +1.5348s 13
23 Jackson lee JHDD 1m13.6172s +1.6285s 7
24 Kent Vaccaro Miller Vinatieiri Motorsports 1m14.0816s +2.0929s 12
25 Grant Palmer Exclusive Autosport 1m14.1652s +2.1765s 8
26 Nolan Siegel DEForce Racing no time 0