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Brooks takes pole for first USF2000 Indianapolis race

by Craig Woollard

Photo: Gavin Baker/Road to Indy

Exclusive Autosport’s Christian Brooks is to start on pole position for the first USF2000 race of the weekend on the Indianapolis road course.

With three races this weekend, the grid for the first race is decided by the fastest times from the qualifying session. The grid for the second and third races are determined provisionally by the second-fastest times.

However, if the fastest lap set in the first or second race eclipses that second time, that is the time brought forward for the grid for the second and third races respectively.

Pabst Racing led the way for much of the 20-minute session, with Josh Pierson ahead of Yuven Sundaramoorthy.

Brooks put on a second set of tyres towards the end of the time and went to the top with his penultimate lap. Earlier in the session, he was towards the middle of the order.

Pierson and Sundaramoorthy held onto their top three spots, ahead of Ignite Autosports with Cape Motorsports’ Spike Kohlbecker, who spent much of the session in the pits.

Curiously, all of the Cape drivers opted to use just one set of tyres and waited before taking to the circuit, meaning they will have more fresh rubber to use in the races on a circuit that is easy to pass on with its long straights.

Its other drivers finished seventh (Thomas Nepveu) and 12th (Michael d’Orlando).

Turn 3 Motorsport’s Josh Green rounded out the top five in the session, ahead of DEForce Racing’s Kiko Porto, who had a turn at the top of the order earlier on.

Team-mate Nolan Siegel was eighth, ahead of Legacy Autosport’s Simon Sikes and Turn 3’s Dylan Christie. Force Indy’s Myles Rowe was just ahead of d’Orlando in 11th.

Qualifying results
Pos Name Team Time Gap Laps
1 Christian Brooks Exclusive Autosport 1m24.6284s 11
2 Josh Pierson Pabst Racing 1m24.6560s +0.0276s 13
3 Yuven Sundaramoorthy Pabst Racing 1m24.7071s +0.0787s 12
4 Spike Kohlbecker Ignite Autosports w/Cape Motorsports 1m24.8480s +0.2196s 7
5 Josh Green Turn 3 Motorsport 1m24.9509s +0.3225s 10
6 Kiko Porto DEForce Racing 1m24.9612s +0.3328s 11
7 Thomas Nepveu Cape Motorsports 1m25.0060s +0.3776s 7
8 Nolan Siegel DEForce Racing 1m25.0148s +0.3864s 11
9 Simon Sikes Legacy Autosport 1m25.0599s +0.4315s 12
10 Dylan Christie Turn 3 Motorsport 1m25.1326s +0.5042s 12
11 Myles Rowe Force Indy 1m25.1370s +0.5086s 11
12 Michael d’Orlando Cape Motorsports 1m25.2118s +0.5834s 7
13 Prescott Campbell DEForce Racing 1m25.2183s +0.5899s 10
14 Erik Evans Velocity Racing Development 1m25.2416s +0.6132s 12
15 Matt Round-Garrido Exclusive Autosport 1m25.3184s +0.6900s 11
16 Ely Navarro DEForce Racing 1m25.3866s +0.7582s 11
17 Billy Frazer Exclusive Autosport 1m25.4051s +0.7767s 12
18 Jace Denmark Pabst Racing 1m25.5339s +0.9055s 13
19 Michael Myers Michael Myers Racing 1m25.5668s +0.9384s 11
20 Evan Stamer Ignite Autosports w/Cape Motorsports 1m25.5729s +0.9445s 11
21 Bijoy Garg Jay Howard Driver Development 1m25.6144s +0.9860s 8
22 Jackson Lee Jay Howard Driver Development 1m25.6395s +1.0111s 10
23 Peter Vodanovich Jay Howard Driver Development 1m25.8060s +1.1776s 11
24 Kent Vaccaro Miller Vinatieri Motorsports 1m25.8380s +1.2096s 12
25 Grant Palmer Exclusive Autosport 1m26.1087s +1.4803s 13
26 Trey Burke Joe Dooling Autosports 1m26.6533s +2.0249s 9