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BRDC British F3 to run upgraded car in 2020

by Rob Hansford

The BRDC British Formula 3 Championship has confirmed it will be running an upgraded car from the 2020 season.

Although the main ‘tub’ will remain the same as this year’s model, the new car will feature bodywork updates and safety improvements, including modifications to both the front and rear wings as well as a new engine cover and the introduction of an IndyCar-style fin in front of the driver.

The front wing and front wing endplates will be revamped, allowing a greater set-up variation and increased levels of downforce, while the rear wing assembly will be re-designed so that drivers and teams can achieve an overall higher rear downforce setup.

The new IndyCar-style fin will be placed just in front of the driver’s cockpit and has been load tested by series organisers MotorSport Vision and chassis builders Tatuus to ensure it acts as a secondary roll structure in addition to deflecting debris away from the cockpit.

Bargeboards will be also be added to the 2020 car, while a slimmer engine cover will replace the existing one, allowing for improved airflow to the rear wing as well as reducing drag.

The new engine cover will also feature a fin along the spine of it, similar to those seen on the current FIA F2 and F3 cars.

Series organisers have also confirmed that each car will receive an electrical upgrade over the winter in order to ensure that a high reliability level is maintained.

?The existing Tatuus chassis has proven itself as a very dependable car with superb performance and our teams are extremely happy to continue using it,” said MSV chief Jonathan Palmer.

“Working in coordination with the teams, we have agreed on this upgrade package that ensures the car will remain at the forefront of European junior single seater racing, while potentially unlocking a little more performance.

“Given the current health and level of competitiveness of the BRDC British F3 Championship, we expect the updates to make the car and series even more appealing for young drivers on the path F1.?

MSV anticipates that the upgraded cars will be available from January 2020, allowing teams to complete a full pre-season testing programme before the season commences on April 11.