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Brazil’s Christian Hahn to contest TRS and EF Open

by Peter Allen


Brazilian driver Christian Hahn will take part in the Toyota Racing Series and Euroformula Open next season.

Hahn moves into international racing after two seasons in Brazilian Formula 3, finishing third in the 2016 standings with one victory.

While his team for TRS is to be announced, in Euroformula he will compete for Drivex, the team that took Ferdinand Habsburg to second in the 2016 championship.

“After two years racing in Brazil, I’m prepared to take a new step in my career,” he said.

“I have learned a lot here and now I’m looking forward to do the same in Europe. Of course it isn’t easy to make your debut there. I will need an adaptation period but for sure I’m keen to take on such a new challenge.

“I’m extremely happy joining Drivex. My first contact with my new team was in Barcelona, and everybody is very motivated. We had other possibilities but I felt immediately at home with Drivex. To be part of this team makes me confident.”

Miguel Angel de Castro, who co-owns the team with ex-Formula 1 racer Pedro de la Rosa, said: “We have followed his performance throughout the season in Brazil very closely.

“He has lots of talent behind a steering wheel and we immediately noticed it during our private tests.

“It is never an easy task to make your debut on the old continent but I have the utmost confidence in his driving abilities.

“We have to give him the right adaptation period but he will make an impression in the series, just like in private testing.”

Hahn joins compatriot Pedro Cardoso with a confirmed seat in Euroformula Open, while fellow Brazilian F3 graduates?Matheus Iorio and Thiago Vivacqua have also been testing in the series over recent weeks.