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Brandon McCaughan wins GB4’s shootout for FF1600 racers

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Brandon McCaughan has been chosen as the winner of GB4’s shootout for teenaged racers from the BRSCC National Formula Ford 1600 championship, earning himself £20,000 to spend on a GB4 seat.

He and Nathan Yu took part in the shootout last Friday at Snetterton in cars run by Fortec Motorsports.

McCaughan, 19, was a second-year finalist for the shoout and came fourth in the National FF1600 standings this year. He raced for Oldfield Motorsport and won three races, and also came 10th in FF1600’s Walter Hayes Trophy earlier this month. Yu, 17, contested three National FF1600 with Team Dolan.

“It feels brilliant to have won the shootout, I’ve had my fingers crossed since we left Snetterton and it’s great to finally get the good news,” said McCaughan. “I’m very grateful to everyone involved, and it frees me up now to start really trying to get plans in place to be on the grid for next year.

“I was able to go into the shootout with a better idea of what to expect. Last year I went in with zero experience with slicks-and-wings, obviously going into it this year I’d still only had one bit of experience driving these types of cars but I still felt that helped me a lot. I knew what to expect, and I knew what areas needed adapting from the FFord style of driving.

“I’ve always had one set goal, which is to progress up the single-seater ladder, whether that be in America and going the IndyCar route or staying in Europe and continuing through to GB3 maybe in the following years. Winning the shootout has definitely helped me get that foot up. It should hopefully make it all happen now.”