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Belov and Saucy set the pace again in second FREC test session at Spa

by Roger Gascoigne

Photo: FRECA

G4 Racing’s Michael Belov maintained his strong pace in the second Formula Regional European Championship pre-event test session at Spa-Francorchamps.

Laptimes were significantly slower than in the cooler morning session, with Belov’s quickest lap of 2m15.777s being 1.259 seconds off his morning best.

In a repeat of the first session, Gregoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix) and Hadrien David (R-ace GP) set the second and third fastest times. Saucy’s fastest lap was just 0.042s slower than Belov’s.

David’s R-ace team-mates Zane Maloney and Isack Hadjar were fourth and fifth. Behind them came all three of Prema’s cars, headed this time by rookie Dino Beganovic ahead of Paul Aron and David Vidales.

Aron sat at the top of the times after the initial runs but dropped down the order as others improved their laptimes.

Morning frontrunner Franco Colapinto had a frustrating session and engine problems meant he could only manage five laps and ended up in 22nd place.

Monolite Racing, one of three teams yet to score a point in 2021, enjoyed a more promising session. The inexperienced pairing of Pietro Delli Guanti and Dexter Patterson were 10th and 12th fastest respectively.

Having had a total of 26 laps disallowed in the earlier session for exceeding track limits, the drivers did seem to be more circumspect. Nevertheless, several laps were deleted, with Jasin Ferati and Mari Boya being multiple offenders.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Michael Belov G4 Racing 2m15.777s 17
2 Gregoire Saucy ART Grand Prix 2m15.820s +0.043s 18
3 Hadrien David R-ace GP 2m16.034s +0.257s 17
4 Zane Maloney R-ace GP 2m16.165s +0.388s 17
5 Isack Hadjar R-ace GP 2m16.180s +0.403s 17
6 Dino Beganovic Prema 2m16.199s +0.422s 16
7 Paul Aron Prema 2m16.262s +0.485s 16
8 David Vidales Prema 2m16.301s +0.524s 14
9 Patrik Pasma ART Grand Prix 2m16.349s +0.572s 18
10 Pietro Delli Guanti Monolite Racing 2m16.577s +0.800s 15
11 William Alatalo Arden 2m16.588s +0.811s 16
12 Dexter Patterson Monolite Racing 2m16.621s +0.844s 15
13 Alex Quinn Arden 2m16.643s +0.866s 18
14 Nicola Marinangeli Arden 2m16.843s +1.066s 17
15 Ido Cohen JD Motorsport 2m16.889s +1.112s 17
16 Gabriele Mini ART Grand Prix 2m16.894s +1.117s 18
17 Oliver Goethe MP Motorsport 2m16.914s +1.137s 17
18 Lorenzo Fluxa Van Amersfoort Racing 2m17.034s +1.257s 17
19 Kas Haverkort MP Motorsport 2m17.039s +1.262s 16
20 Elias Seppanen KIC Motorsport 2m17.097s +1.320s 16
21 Gabriel Bortoleto FA Racing by MP 2m17.142s +1.365s 17
22 Franco Colapinto MP Motorsport 2m17.164s +1.387s 5
23 Andrea Rosso FA Racing by MP 2m17.269s +1.492s 16
24 Eduardo Barrichello JD Motorsport 2m17.279s +1.502s 17
25 Jasin Ferati KIC Motorsport 2m17.525s +1.748s 16
26 Tommy Smith JD Motorsport 2m17.630s +1.853s 15
27 Emidio Pesce DR Formula 2m17.843s +2.066s 15
28 Francesco Pizzi Van Amersfoort Racing 2m17.844s +2.067s 10
29 Alexandre Bardinon FA Racing by MP 2m17.885s +2.108s 16
30 Nico Gohler KIC Motorsport 2m17.966s +2.189s 17
31 Mari Boya Van Amersfoort Racing 2m17.980s +2.203s 16
32 Axel Gnos G4 Racing 2m18.219s +2.442s 17
33 Lena Buhler R-ace GP 2m18.441s +2.664s 15