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Aron wins at Zandvoort, Pourchaire extends ADAC F4 lead

by Ida Wood

Photo: ADAC

Mercedes Formula 1 junior Paul Aron took his second ADAC Formula 4 win of the season in the second race at Zandvoort.

The Estonian teenager passed polesitting Prema team-mate Gianluca Petecof down the inside of Turn 1 at the start, and controlled the pace from the front for the rest of the race.

An early safety car period to recover the stranded US Racing car of Arthur Leclerc proved no worry for Aron, and it was actually later in the race that Petecof started applying more pressure.

The second placed driver had shut the door on Van Amersfoort Racing’s Dennis Hauger when he’d attempted the same overtake on him after the safety car, causing Hauger to spin down to last place, and the lead pair were split up with just minutes left of the race when Petecof was handed a drive-through penalty.

This promoted sixth-placed starter Oliver Rasmussen to second, having withheld race-long pressure from US Racing pair Theo Pourchaire and Alessandro Ghiretti. The fourth US Racing car of Roman Stanek was also in that battle until he was handed a drive-through penalty for a jumped start, a offence Leclerc also committed.

Mikhael Belov and Gregoire Saucy finished fifth and sixth for R-ace GP, a substantial distance ahead of Mucke Motorsport’s Nico Gohler, who held off a train of cars that included VAR’s Sebastian Estner and Niklas Krutten, team-mate Joshua Duerksen and the penalised Petecof.

Third for Pourchaire means his points leads now stands at 23 over Leclerc, with Hauger a further 24 point. Just four points now separates himself, Aron, Petecof, Stanek and Krutten.


Race results (18 laps)

Pos Name Team Time
1 Paul Aron Prema 31m14.174s
2 Oliver Rasmussen Prema +2.921s
3 Theo Pourchaire US Racing +3.096s
4 Alessandro Ghiretti US Racing +3.928s
5 Mikhael Belov R-ace GP +8.564s
6 Gregoire Saucy R-ace GP +8.832s
7 Nico Gohler Mucke Motorsport +13.832s
8 Sebastian Estner Van Amersfoort Racing +14.648s
9 Niklas Krutten Van Amersfoort Racing +14.954s
10 Joshua Duerksen Mucke Motorsport +15.591s
11 Gianluca Petecof Prema +16.040s
12 Alessandro Famularo Prema +19.808s
13 Ido Cohen Van Amersfoort Racing +21.206s
14 Roman Stanek US Racing +21.372s
15 Lucas Alleco Roy Van Amersfoort Racing +24.402s
16 Hadrien David R-ace GP +25.396s
17 Dennis Hauger Van Amersfoort Racing +25.498s
18 Laszlo Toth R-ace GP +26.639s
Ret Arthur Leclerc US Racing
Fastest lap: Hauger, 1m38.385s

Championship standings
1?Pourchaire 132? ?2 Leclerc 109? ?3 Hauger 85? ?4?Aron 84? ?5?Petecof 84? ?6 Stanek 81? ?7?Krutten 81? ?8 Ghiretti 68? ?9 Rasmussen 53? ?10?Famularo 45