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Aron leads Prema 1-2 at Mugello in red flagged FREC race

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRECA

Prema’s Paul Aron and Dino Beganovic finished one-two in the second Formula Regional European Championship at Mugello.

Newly crowned champion Gregoire Saucy started between the pair and initially challenged poleman Aron for the lead after pointing his car towards him on the grid.

Aron’s defences through the opening corners allowed Beganovic to slip past Saucy though, and from there the top two was set. It was a first podium for Beganovic, and victory brought Aron up to second in the points.

Saucy’s focus in the race soon switched to Michael Belov, who passed Franco Colapinto at the start, and on lap seven of 18 he had to defend hard into turn one to keep the Russian behind. He stuck with him though back up the hill and through the turns two/three chicane, but then ran through the gravel on the exit and dropped away from Saucy’s gearbox.

Belov couldn’t quite get close enough to Saucy again to challenge his third place until the field was bunched up by a late safety car period. Colapinto got involved on the restart and made it three-wide for third, but Saucy held on before yellow flags were waved as William Alatalo crashed out.

Once clear of the flags the battle resumed into the final lap, and Belov kept it planted around the outside of Saucy at turn one to take third. Moments later the race was red flagged though, as Jasin Ferati crashed violently out of the final corner.

The result was taken back to lap 16, meaning Saucy came third and further down the points Gianluca Petecof was classified 10th despite dropping to 12th at the end. Similarly, Alatalo was classified in 16th place despite not finishing.

Race results (16 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Paul Aron Prema 29m01.323s
2 Dino Beganovic Prema +0.315s
3 Gregoire Saucy ART Grand Prix +1.060s
4 Michael Belov G4 Racing +1.153s
5 Franco Colapinto MP Motorsport +1.276s
6 Hadrien David R-ace GP +1.661s
7 Kas Haverkort MP Motorsport +1.764s
8 Gabriel Bortoleto FA Racing by MP +2.134s
9 Pietro Delli Guanti Monolite Racing +2.790s
10 Gianluca Petecof KIC Motorsport +2.831s
11 Alex Quinn Arden +3.126s
12 Mari Boya Van Amersfoort Racing +3.549s
13 Isack Hadjar R-ace GP +3.572s
14 Zane Maloney R-ace GP +3.904s
15 David Vidales Prema +4.305s
16 William Alatalo Arden +4.383s
17 Francesco Pizzi Van Amersfoort Racing +4.819s
18 Patrik Pasma ART Grand Prix +5.336s
19 Axel Gnos G4 Racing +5.431s
20 Sami Meguetounif R-ace GP +5.886s
21 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport +6.037s
22 Eduardo Barrichello JD Motorsport +6.316s
23 Jose Garfias Monolite Racing +7.024s
24 Lorenzo Fluxa Van Amersfoort Racing +7.087s
25 Emidio Pesce DR Formula +7.795s
26 Nico Gohler KIC Motorsport +8.435s
27 Tommy Smith JD Motorsport +8.503s
28 Nicola Marinangeli Arden +8.812s
29 Oliver Goethe MP Motorsport +9.385s
30 Jasin Ferati KIC Motorsport +9.698s
31 Alexandre Bardinon FA Racing by MP +10.368s
32 Lena Buhler R-ace GP +10.425s
33 Arias Deukmedjian FA Racing by MP +15.900s
Ret Andrea Rosso FA Racing by MP
Ret Ido Cohen JD Motorsport
Ret Gabriele Mini ART Grand Prix
Fastest lap: Aron, 1m43.285s

Championship standings
Saucy 264   2 Aron 171   3 David 169   4 Maloney 151   5 Colapinto 126   6 Hadjar 123   7 Mini 112   8 Belov 110   9 Quinn 104   10 Vidales 101