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Abrahams wins as others toil at Jyllandsringen in second Danish F4 race

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Mika Abrahams hunted down Magnus Pedersen the reversed-grid second Danish Formula 4 race at Jyllandsringen.

Team FSP driver Abrahams started down in seventh, while Pedersen began the race in third behind Aurelia Nobels and Frederik Stena. Nobels made a slow start and was swamped on either side as she went through the first few corners, which resulted in her knocking off Stena.

Sebastian Gravlund used that moment as an opportunity to dive down the inside of Nobels but instead punted her off as Pedersen romped off, and Gravlund then found himself trying to go around the outside of Abrahams for second place.

The opening lap finished with Pedersen ahead of Abrahams by 3.6 seconds, then a traffic jam behind him of Gravlund, Victor Nielsen, Julius Dinesen, Mads Hoe, Stena and Theodor Jensen.

Abrahams soon pulled away from the pack behind and began closing in on Pedersen, cutting his lead down by a few tenths of a second per lap. With a few laps to go he got onto Pedersen’s tail, and a loose moment for Pedersen gave Abrahams a moment to slip by and then sprint away for his second win of 2022.

Pedersen’s descent meanwhile continued with the closely condensed pack behind Gravlund soon sighting him up. Gravlund passed Pedersen into turn one just as Dinesen overtook Nielsen right behind, then Hoe passed him too two corners later. Pedersen didn’t last long in third, getting overtaken by Dinesen, Nielsen and Hoe in the remaining laps and while the top seven was covered by 2.6 seconds.

At that point there was a huge gap back to Stena, who was fighting with Alyx Coby, but he then had a penultimate lap off that left him a distant ninth.

Formula 5 racer Line Sonderskov did not the start the race as she broke her hand on Saturday.

Race results (14 laps) [F5 entrants in italics]
Pos Name Team Time
1 Mika Abrahams Team FSP 16m12.815s
2 Sebastian Gravlund Team FormulaSport +1.264s
3 Julius Dinesen STEP Motorsport +4.276s
4 Mads Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +5.151s
5 Victor Nielsen STEP Motorsport +6.679s
6 Magnus Pedersen MP Racing +7.946s
7 Theodor Jensen Team FormulaSport +16.726s
8 Alyx Coby Team FSP +22.819s
9 Frederik Stena SD Racing +35.110s
10 Peter Henriksen Henriksen Racing +41.640s
11 Mille Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +1m00.422s
12 Michella Rasmussen Henriksen Racing +1m08.722s
Ret Aurelia Nobels STEP Motorsport
DNS Line Sonderskov Sonderskov Motorsport
Fastest lap: Abrahams, 1m07.911s

Championship standings
1 Dinesen 131   2 Pedersen 100   3 Gravlund 103   4 Abrahams 101   5 Nielsen 83   6 Stena 60   7 Jensen 59   8 Wulf 34   9 Mads Hoe 46   10 Coby 28