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Browning beats Granfors in fierce GB3 fight at Snetterton

by Steve Whitfield

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Hitech GP’s Luke Browning came out on top in a race-long battle with title rival Joel Granfors for his third GB3 win of the season in race two at Snetterton.

The pair started on the front row, with Fortec Motorsports’ Granfors drawing alongside Browning when the lights went out. JHR Developments’ Matthew Rees tried to make it three-wide approaching Riches but, on the inside line, backed out and then lost third at Wilsons to Carlin’s Javier Sagrera, who had climbed from sixth on the grid.

The front four were nose to tail at the end of lap one, with Sagrera almost tagging the rear of Granfors’ car at Wilsons as Browning defended the lead. Rees tried to wrestle back third from Sagrera, which allowed Browning and Granfors to pull out a small gap.

Browning got slightly out of shape exiting Riches on lap five and was forced into defending against Granfors into Wilsons.

The battle continued on lap seven, with Granfors getting a great run out of Murray’s and making slight contact with Browning, who defended the inside on the pit straight.

A scruffy penultimate lap from Browning gave Granfors a run out of Brundle, but again the Swede was unable to find a way by. Browning held on during the final tour to win by 0.235s, while Sagrera fended off Rees for his second GB3 podium.

Race one winner Callum Voisin retired from fifth early on after running wide at Riches before spearing across the track into the Armco barriers.

Elite Motorsport’s Tom Lebbon profited to come home fifth, with Alex Connor (Arden), Roberto Faria (Carlin) and Nico Christodoulou (Arden) all close behind.

Branden Lee Oxley was ninth for Chris Dittmann Racing ahead of Douglas Motorsport’s Max Esterson, who repeated his result from race one. CDR’s McKenzy Cresswell lost ground while battling Esterson on the opening lap at Brundle and finished 16th.

Race result (12 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Luke Browning Hitech GP 20m36.960s
2 Joel Granfors Fortec Motorsports +0.235s
3 Javier Sagrera Carlin +1.463s
4 Matthew Rees JHR Developments +1.946s
5 Tom Lebbon Elite Motorsport +6.864s
6 Alex Connor Arden +7.607s
7 Roberto Faria Carlin +7.844s
8 Nico Christodoulou Arden +8.226s
9 Branden Lee Oxley Chris Dittmann Racing +10.467s
10 Max Esterson Douglas Motorsport +10.790s
11 John Bennett Elite Motorsport +11.232s
12 Nick Gilkes Hillspeed +13.928s
13 Bryce Aron Hitech GP +15.922s
14 James Hedley Elite Motorsport +17.492s
15 Marcos Flack Douglas Motorsport +22.778s
16 McKenzy Cresswell Chris Dittmann Racing +25.087s
17 Zak Taylor Arden +27.850s
18 Tommy Smith Douglas Motorsport +28.880s
19 Cian Shields Hitech GP +31.803s
20 Mikkel Grundtvig Fortec Motorsports +32.815s
21 David Morales Arden +33.508s
Ret Callum Voisin Carlin
Fastest lap: Sagrera, 1m41.885s

Championship standings
Browning 231   2 Granfors 221   3 Faria 179   4 Voisin 167   5 Esterson 167   6 Lebbon 165   7 Rees 140   8 Bennett 138   9 Connor 127   10 Cresswell 114