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Ugochukwu fights back against Wharton for F4 win in Kuwait

by Ida Wood

Photo: F4 UAE

McLaren junior Ugo Ugochukwu won the second Formula 4 United Arab Emirates race at Kuwait Motor Town to extend his points lead.

The Prema driver started on pole courtesy of setting the fastest lap in race one, and resisted pressure from Mumbai Falcons pair Tuukka Taponen and James Wharton through the first lap before the safety car was called out due to two crashes.

The first of those took place on the grid, between Hitech GP’s Kanato Le and PHM Racing’s Jakob Bergmeister, and it led to concrete dust having to be laid down on the track due to displaced fluids from the cars involved.

Hiyu Yamakoshi and Flavio Olivieri also had a crash, which sent the former into immediate retirement.

The safety car led the field through the pitlane at the end of lap one while the clear-up was still taking place, then the race was red flagged.

It later restarted with two laps behind the safety car, and once the drivers were released the battling started straight away. The top three went three-wide into turn two on the first green flag lap and Ugochukwu remained in the lead, with the Mumbai Falcons drivers and MP Motorsport’s Valerio Rinicella not far behind.

With a few laps to go Wharton managed to make use of the slipstream to pass Ugochukwu for the lead, but further around the lap Ugochukwu darted down his inside to regain the position and hold on to it until the finish.

R-ace GP’s Zachary David had some clear air in fifth, while Sainteloc Racing’s Theophile Nael was the centre of the rest of the race’s drama as he initially tried to hold on to sixth place.

PHM pair Valentin Kluss and Noah Stromsted were his first opponents, with Hitech’s Arvid Lindblad also briefly involved in the fight until an incident sent him falling down the field.

Kluss managed to demote Nael to seventh, then Stromsted passed him and also got by his team-mate to get into sixth.

Nael’s next fight was against Yas Heat Academy’s Keanu Al Azhari, with a queue of other cars behind him, and in the end he just manahed to hold on to eighth. But a 10-second post-race penalty was then applied, dropping Nael to 15th.

Race results (10 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Ugo Ugochukwu Prema 24m40.354s
2 James Wharton Mumbai Falcons +0.784s
3 Tuukka Taponen Mumbai Falcons +1.742s
4 Valerio Rinicella MP Motorsport +2.880s
5 Zachary David R-ace GP +3.347s
6 Noah Stromsted PHM Racing +9.159s
7 Valentin Kluss PHM Racing +9.996s
8 Keanu Al Azhari Yas Heat +12.852s
9 William Macintyre Hitech GP +16.928s
10 Federico Rifai Xcel Motorsport +17.858s
11 Hamda Al Qubaisi Yas Heat +18.815s
12 Akshay Bohra PHM Racing +19.565s
13 Noah Lisle Xcel Motorsport +20.540s
14 Muhammad Ibrahim Mumbai Falcons +20.874s
15 Theophile Nael Sainteloc Racing +21.283s
16 Jesse Carrasquedo Jr R-ace GP +21.478s
17 Raphael Narac R-ace GP +23.227s
18 James Piszyck Hitech GP +23.414s
19 Alexander Abkhazava R-ace GP +25.128s
20 Jack Beeton Pinnacle VAR +25.131s
21 Matteo Quintarelli Yas Heat +26.667s
22 Dion Gowda Carlin +28.491s
23 Niko Lacorte Prema +29.394s
24 Flavio Olivieri Cram-Hitech GP +30.962s
25 Bianca Bustamante Prema +31.579s
26 Sebastian Murray Cram-Hitech GP +32.194s
27 Victoria Blokhina R2Race +32.660s
28 Kai Daryanani Pinnacle VAR +33.506s
29 Alexander Bolduev Xcel Motorsport +34.149s
30 Emely de Heus MP Motorsport +35.848s
31 George Zhuravskiy Xcel Motorsport +36.335s
32 Luciano Morano Sainteloc Racing +49.121s
33 Arvid Lindblad Hitech GP +58.638s
Ret Lena Buhler R2Race
Ret Theodor Jensen Sainteloc Racing
Ret Kanato Le Hitech GP
Ret Jakob Bergmeister PHM Racing
Ret Hiyu Yamakoshi Pinnacle VAR
Fastest lap: Wharton, 1m54.295s

Championship standings
1 Ugochukwu 107   2 Wharton 71   3 Taponen 62   4 Rinicella 56   5 Lindblad 55   6 Brando Badoer 28   7 Nael 24   8 Kirill Smal 22   9 Kluss 22   10 Stromsted 22