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Tunjo tops NEC qualifying at rainy Spa

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: Chris Schotanus

Lotus junior Oscar Tunjo ended up being the one to master the difficult weather conditions that surrounded the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC qualifying at Spa-Francorchamps, topping the Group A timesheets on his way to double pole.

Among the drivers who appeared to have lucked into better track conditions then their Group B counterparts, Tunjo was quickest by quite a bit, with both of his best times unmatched by the others’ efforts.

Matt Parry was the only one to pose a challenge to the Colombian in Group A and eventually settled in second, setting himself up to start in third on the grid later today. Mark Burdett Racing’s Raoul Owens did a good job to round out the top three in the group, with ART’s Andrea Pizzitola taking fourth. Scotsman Sam MacLeod took fifth in group on his series debut and will start from ninth in race one.

Group B was completely dominated by Jack Aitken, yet the worsened track conditions did not allow the Fortec driver to challenge Tunjo’s pole time. Roman Beregech and Ryan Tveter also put in strong performances for Fortec, taking second and third in the group, while Tanart Sathienthirakul and Dennis Olsen rounded out the top five.

Session results
Pos. Driver Team Group A Group B
1 Oscar Tunjo Josef Kaufmann Racing 2:41.703 ?
2 Jack Aitken Fortec Motorsports ? 2:43.722
3 Matt Parry Fortec Motorsports 2:42.243
4 Roman Beregech Fortec Competition ? 2:44.897
5 Raoul Owens Mark Burdett Racing 2:43.242
6 Ryan Tveter Fortec Competition ? 2:44.312
7 Andrea Pizzitola ART Junior Team 2:43.425
8 Tanart Sathienthirakul ART Junior Team ? 2:45.478
9 Sam MacLeod Fortec Motorsports 2:44.752
10 Dennis Olsen Josef Kaufmann Racing ? 2:45.589
11 Roman Mavlanov RC Formula 2:44.958
12 Fran Rueda AV Formula ? 2:45.939
13 Alfonso Celis Fortec Competition 2:45.095
14 Louis Deletraz Josef Kaufmann Racing ? 2:46.060
15 Alberto di Folco ART Junior Team 2:45.721 ?
16 Nicolas Jamin ART Junior Team ? 2:47.000
17 Cedric Freiburghaus SL Formula 2:46.631 ?
18 Corinna Kamper Fortec Competition ? 2:47.176
19 Andres Mendez Mark Burdett Racing 2:46.730 ?
20 Kuba Dalewski JD Motorsport ? 2:47.742
21 Jakub Smiechowski Euro Interpol 2:47.989 ?
22 Patric Armand Fortec Motorsports ? 2:48.568
23 Julio Moreno JTR Racing 2:48.692 ?
24 Juan Branger JD Motorsport ? 2:50.374
25 Bob Siska SL Formula 2:56.202 ?
26 Sean Walkinshaw SL Formula ? 2:50.799
27 Maximilian Biedermann Euro Interpol No Time Set