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Tramnitz tops ADAC F4 practice, Revesz joins Hockenheim grid

by Ida Wood

Photo: ADAC

Tim Tramnitz headed an 12-car turnout in ADAC Formula 4 free practice at Hockenheim on Friday.

Representative laptimes were only set in the afternoon session, 10 seconds faster than the morning’s.

Van Amersfoort Racing’s Joshua Dufek only completed an outlap in FP1 but was straight to the top in FP2, holding first place for the first 10 minutes until US Racing’s Alex Dunne set a 1m41.641s.

That kept him ahead for a minute before VAR’s points leader Ollie Bearman set a 1m41.313s, and after that there were no improvements for half of the session.

In the final four minutes the action geared up again, with Nikita Bedrin edging Bearman’s best by 0.004 seconds before Dufek knocked enough tenth off it a minute later.

Bearman returned to first place by posting the first sub-1m41s lap, and US Racing’s Tramnitz slotted into second place by 0.016s behind him. Tramnitz stayed out to set one more lap before the chequered flag was waved, and with 20s to go went 0.189s faster than Bearman to end the day’s running on top.

In the morning session there had been a red flag stoppage almost immediately, and laptimes were over the two-minute mark through the first half of the session with only half of the drivers having one on track.

R-ace GP’s Sami Meguetounif set a 1m58.686s with 10 minutes to go, and he brought that benchmark down into the 1m54s and then 1m53s before the end of the session. That put him over 1.2s clear of Bearman in second place, while R-ace team-mate Victor Bernier was third fastest.

The slowest driver overall across the two sessions was Italian F4 regular Levente Revesz, who will race this weekend with R-ace. Absent from the action were BWR Motorsports’ Taylor Barnard and VAR’s Bence Valint.

Free practice results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Tim Tramnitz US Racing 1m40.257s 22
2 Ollie Bearman Van Amersfoort Racing 1m40.446s +0.189s 28
3 Alex Dunne US Racing 1m40.482s +0.225s 21
4 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing 1m40.951s +0.694s 18
5 Victor Bernier R-ace GP 1m41.048s +0.791s 25
6 Luke Browning US Racing 1m41.228s +0.971s 21
7 Vlad Lomko US Racing 1m41.279s +1.022s 21
8 Nikita Bedrin Van Amersfoort Racing 1m41.303s +1.046s 27
9 Sami Meguetounif R-ace GP 1m41.528s +1.271s 25
10 Marcus Amand R-ace GP 1m42.147s +1.890s 25
11 Michael Sauter Sauter Engineering+Design 1m42.624s +2.367s 26
12 Levente Revesz R-ace GP 1m42.967s +2.710s 23