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Thompson beats Kirkwood to sweep Indy Pro 2000 wins

by Tim Lumb

Photo: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Abel Motorsports’ Parker Thompson won from pole for a second time at St. Petersburg to build an important Indy Pro 2000 points lead.

The Canadian’s tally from winning and taking pole in both races gives him a 19 point lead at the top of the standings and a 31-point lead over expected title contender Kyle Kirkwood.

With Thompson yet to confirm his presence beyond the opening round, his St. Petersburg performances may prove crucial if he were to miss the next round and return later in the season.

Thompson stayed in front at the start of the race with RP Motorsport’s Kirkwood, who retired from race one after sustaining wing damage on the opening lap, behind him in second.

The pair were untroubled by the pack behind, with Danial Frost and Rasmus Lindh both getting ahead of Sting Ray Robb during the first third of the 30 lap race.

Thompson was able to create a gap of around 2.5 seconds by lap 20, and while Kirkwood was starting to make ground on him during the final third of the race he didn’t have enough time to mount a challenge for the lead.

Behind them Frost completed the podium for Exclusive Autosport, ahead of Juncos Racing’s Lindh and Robb

Moises de la Vara (DEForce Racing) finished sixth ahead of Frost’s team-mate Nikita Lastochkin, both drivers not gaining or losing any positions from where they started the race.

Phillippe Denes qualified 12th but was able to move up to eighth, beating RP’s Damiano Fioravanti, DEForce Racing’s Kory Enders and Thompson’s team-mate Jacob Abel.


Race results (30 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Parker Thompson Abel Motorsports 34m37.5816s
2 Kyle Kirkwood RP Motorsport +1.4334s
3 Danial Frost Exclusive Autosport +1.4335s
4 Rasmus Lindh Juncos Racing +13.8500s
5 Sting Ray Robb Juncos Racing +16.3386s
6 Moises de la Vara DEForce Racing +19.5364s
7 Nikita Lastochkin Exclusive Autosport +30.2246s
8 Phillippe Denes FatBoy Racing +36.4224s
9 Damiano Fiorivanti RP Motorsport +36.6841s
10 Kory Enders DEForce Racing +37.4875s
11 Jacob Abel Abel Motorsports +38.0881s
12 Parker Locke Exclusive Autosport +2 laps
Ret Antonio Serravalle Pserra Racing/JHDD
Pole: Thompson, 1m07.9248s? ? ? Fastest lap: Kirkwood, 1m08.7697s

Championship standings
1 Thompson 64? ?2 Lindh 45? ?3 Frost 41? ?4 Kirkwood 33? ?5 Lastochkin?31? ?6 de la Vara 30? ?7?Denes 26? ?8 Serravalle 22? ?9 Abel 22? ?10 Fiorivanti 22