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Theodor Jensen takes triple win on Danish F4 return

by Ida Wood

Photo: formel4.dk

Theodor Iensen won all three Danish Formula 4 races at Padborg Park on his series return.

Jensen was fastest in qualifying on Friday by 0.107 seconds over Mikkel Pedersen, with Leo Robinson a further 0.028s behind in third and Mads Hoe the top Formula 5 driver in fourth.

Race one took place later that day, and series returnee Jensen converted pole into victory by 5.696s over points leader Pedersen. He had to fight Robinson to finish second, with Robinson getting ahead into turn one on the first lap courtesy of having the inside line.

Pedersen made a diving move at the same corner on lap two to get back ahead, with his lunge almost enabling Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen to also get past Robinson. But he then had Magnus Pedersen to defend from for the rest of the lap.

The safety car appeared on lap three as Niels Ejnar Rytter’s crashed F5 car was recovered, and when racing resumed on lap six Jensen quickly pulled away.

Magnus Pedersen passed Jakobsen into turn one on lap seven, and the position was briefly reclaimed before several corners of wheel-to-wheel action and then Hoe passing both in a three-wide moment into the chicane. Jakobsen and Pedersen remained side-by-side after until the latter was forced off-track slightly.

Mikkel Pedersen spent several more laps soaking up pressure from Robinson before finally creating a small gap, Hoe was the F5 winner in fourth and Oscar Wurz – the 15-year-old son of former Formula 1 racer Alex – finished seventh on his single-seater debut.

Laerke Ronn Sorensen had reversed-grid pole for race two on Saturday, and wheelspan off the line while Wurz also bogged down from second on the grid. Wurz’s slow launch meant he obstructed Jakobsen, but an even slower second stage of the getaway for Sorensen meant Jakobsen was able to get a gap and make it three-wide on the approach to turn one.

Wurz emerged with the lead, and Jakobsen took second despite having the rear of his car sent skyward when Magnus Pedersen drove into the back of him later in the lap.

Jensen passed Sorensen for third on lap two after several corners of fighting, and on lap three the top two went wheel-to-wheel until Jakobsen dropped a wheel in the gravel. Slipping past was Jensen, who then passed Wurz for the lead at turn three a lap later.

As Jensen romped away to win, Robinson passed Jakobsen then hunted down Wurz to take second.

Morten Stromsted crashing out did not interrupt proceedings and Wurz lost further ground, being passed by Jakobsen and Hoe in successive laps. He finished sixth, sanwiched by the squabbling Mikkel Pedersen and Sorensen.

Race three was a milder encounter, with Jensen taking a lights-to-flag win ahead of Robinson.

Mikkel Pedersen finished third, and Magnus Pedersen came from 10th on the grid to finish fourth.

Results round-up
Race 1 (14 laps)
1 Theodor Jensen Team FSP 16m17.568s
2 Mikkel Pedersen Team BAR +5.696s
3 Leo Robinson STEP Motorsport +6.971s
Mads Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +8.666s
5 Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen Team FormulaSport +9.589s
6 Magnus Pedersen MP Racing +10.395s
7 Oscar Wurz STEP Motorsport +13.778s
8 Laerke Ronn Sorensen LR Racing +16.987s
9 Louis Leveau Team FSP +24.882s
10 Oliver Kratsch Mads Hoe Motorsport +30.896s
Pole: Jensen, 59.525s
Fastest lap: Jensen, 59.936s

Race 2 (16 laps)
1 Jensen 16m49.292s
2 Robinson +14.009s
3 Jakobsen +14.534s
Hoe +14.724s
5 Mikkel Pedersen +21.706s
6 Wurz +22.708s
7 Sorensen +22.996s
Kratsch +30.600s
9 Leveau +31.116s
10 Frederik Stena SD Racing +36.626s
FL: Jensen, 60.965s

Race 3 (16 laps)
1 Jensen 16m30.024s
2 Robinson +1.379s
3 Mikkel Pedersen +5.105s
4 Magnus Pedersen +5.763s
5 Jakobsen +16.002s
6 Leveau +20.902s
Hoe +21.813s
8 Wurz +26.442s
9 Sorensen +31.530s
10 Kratsch +36.919s
FL: Magnus Pedersen, 1m00.450s

Championship standings
1 Mikkel Pedersen 259   Magnus Pedersen 217   3 Jakobsen 177   4 Mads Hoe 122   5 Robinson 117   6 Victor Nielsen 113   7 Jensen 112   8 Kratsch 76   9 Mille Hoe 74   10 Frederik Stena 65