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Stromsted comfortably quickest on day two of FREC’s Hockenheim test

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRECA

Race Performance Motorsport’s Noah Stromsted topped day two of Formula Regional European Championship’s pre-season Hockenheim test.

The morning session lasted two hours-and-40 minutes, and Stromsted was the early pacesetter by 2.4 seconds. Ruiqi Liu usurped him 13 minutes in, setting a 1m55.560s, then Pedro Clerot lowered the pace to 1m48.010s after four successive improvements.

Enzo Deligny then Zachary David went top after 25 minutes, but a minute later Clerot reclaimed first place with a 1m47.187s.

Tuukka Taponen broke into the 1m46s shortly after, then Deligny got back ahead. Taponen waited before setting a 1m45.879s on a near-empty track, and improved three times over the next 10 minutes to bring the pace down to 1m44.678s. By that point half of the 33-car field had set laps, and Taponen was quickest by over a second.

He was knocked off top spot by a 1m43.783s from Costa Toparis. He spent seven minutes in first place before Stromsted went on a storming run of four personal bests in a row. The last of those, a 1m39.066s, meant he ended the first hour with a 4.717s gap to Toparis in second place.

Two more improvements brought the pace down to 1m38.113s, then Rafael Camara scraped ahead by 0.066s. Prema soon became the team to beat, with Camara, James Wharton and Ugo Ugochukwu trading fastest laps until day one pacesetter Evan Giltaire set a 1m36.615s an hour-and-a-half in. By that point Taponen and Clerot were down in 30th and 34th.

Stromsted got within 0.053s of Giltaire five minutes later, then Badoer broke into the 1m35s before Lena Buhler caused a red flag stoppage. Nikita Bedrin went fastest by 0.036s after the restart, then Stromsted returned to the top entering the third hour of running as the track got busy.

He had improved to 1m35.389s before Romain Andriolo brought out red flags, then there was a stoppage caused by Giovanni Maschio with seven minutes to go. The session restarted and there were 17 drivers who met the chequered flag but none could beat Stromsted, who ended up fastest by 0.05s over Roman Bilinski and 0.253s over Badoer. A second covered the top 21.

The afternoon session lasted three hours-and-55 minutes, and Maschio rebounded by being the pacesetter through most of the first half-hour (which was interrupted by a red flag period). Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi went quickest 32 minutes in, then five minutes later Ugochukwu set a 1m36.214s to go fastest.

Camara bettered him three minutes later, setting a 1m35.948s that was the benchmark for 15 minutes before Alessandro Giusti posted a 1m35.834s.

Giltaire edged ahead early in the second hour, then Wharton set a 1m35.677s that went unbeaten for 45 minutes. There was a brief stoppage in that time.

Ugochukwu started the third hour with a 1m35.563s, and nine seconds later Wharton set a 1m35.536s. Camara got within 0.001s of that, but nobody else got close until Stromsted set a 1m34.852s after two hours-and-22 minutes.

There was another red flag period, then Badoer rose to second with a lap 0.41s slower than Stromsted’s. There was minimal action in the last hour, and the top five went unchanged while Alex Sawer and Costa Toparis jumped to sixth and seventh. Eight drivers failed to improve on their morning pace.

Day two results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Noah Stromsted R-P-M 1m34.852s 63
2 Brando Badoer Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.262s +0.410s 73
3 Roman Bilinski Trident 1m35.439s +0.587s 77
4 James Wharton Prema 1m35.536s +0.684s 72
5 Rafael Camara Prema 1m35.537s +0.685s 75
6 Ugo Ugochukwu Prema 1m35.563s +0.711s 77
7 Alex Sawer KIC Motorsport 1m35.651s +0.799s 70
8 Costa Toparis KIC Motorsport 1m35.675s +0.823s 81
9 Pedro Clerot Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.699s +0.847s 76
10 Nikita Bedrin MP Motorsport 1m35.742s +0.890s 68
11 Nikhil Bohra MP Motorsport 1m35.774s +0.922s 68
12 Evan Giltaire ART Grand Prix 1m35.783s +0.931s 65
13 Alessandro Giusti ART Grand Prix 1m35.797s +0.945s 67
14 Ivan Domingues Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.837s +0.985s 68
15 Tuukka Taponen R-ace GP 1m35.841s +0.989s 72
16 Zachary David R-ace GP 1m36.024s +1.172s 70
17 Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi KIC Motorsport 1m36.047s +1.195s 58
18 Valerio Rinicella MP Motorsport 1m36.063s +1.211s 72
19 Enzo Peugeot Sainteloc Racing 1m36.071s +1.219s 61
20 Theophile Nael Sainteloc Racing 1m36.151s +1.299s 50
21 Enzo Deligny R-ace GP 1m36.153s +1.301s 72
22 Giovanni Maschio R-P-M 1m36.179s +1.327s 77
23 Matteo de Palo Sainteloc Racing 1m36.180s +1.328s 68
24 Niko Lacorte Trident 1m36.227s +1.375s 88
25 Kanato Le G4 Racing 1m36.269s +1.417s 55
26 Ruiqi Liu Trident 1m36.362s +1.510s 92
27 Jesse Carrasquedo Jr G4 Racing 1m36.383s +1.531s 47
28 Doriane Pin Iron Dames 1m36.455s +1.603s 80
29 Edgar Pierre R-P-M 1m36.522s +1.670s 69
30 Marta Garcia Iron Dames 1m36.805s +1.953s 79
31 Romain Andriolo G4 Racing 1m36.815s +1.963s 47
32 Lena Buhler ART Grand Prix 1m37.488s +2.636s 59
33 Yaroslav Veselaho ART Grand Prix 1m37.570s +2.718s 66