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Jan Przyrowski tops the times for Campos in Spanish F4 test at Jarama

by Ida Wood

Photo: Daniel Burgin/Gedlich Racing

Campos Racing’s Jan Przyrowski was fastest in Spanish Formula 4’s pre-season test at Jarama.

The 36-car entry list was split into two groups, with eight sessions for each group.

Group A went out first on Wednesday, and Rene Lammers set the first benchmark: a 1m31.760s. He led an MP Motorsport 1-2-3, with Keanu Al Azhari and Griffin Peebles 0.23 and 0.445 seconds behind him respectively in second and third.

Nathan Tye lowered the pace in Group B’s first session, setting a 1m31.675s. He was fastest by 0.359s over James Egozi, with the top five all being Campos Racing drivers.

Mattia Colnaghi knocked 0.241s off Tye’s benchmark in the next session, with MP team-mate Lucas Fluxa also beating it. Al Azhari, Peebles and Lammers completed an all-MP top five in the group.

Group B’s second session was slower, with Sainteloc Racing’s Matteo Quintarelli the only driver to lap sub-1m32s as the top 12 were covered by 0.841s.

It was a similar story when Group A headed back out. Tecnicar Motorsport’s Adam Al Azhari topping the timesheet with a 1m31.948s, and 13 drivers were within a second of his pace.

The afternoon continued to be slower than the morning, with Monlau Motorsport’s Tim Gerhards comfortably quickest in Group B’s third session with a 1m32.436s, Fluxa setting a 1m31.071s to edge Keanu Al Azhari by 0.078s and Lammers by 0.097s in Group A’s last session and Egozi topping the day’s final portion of track action with a 1m31.897s that put him just 0.039s ahead of Przyrowski and 0.053s up on Rodin Motorsport’s Thomas Strauven.

Group B headed out first on Thursday, and 14 of the 17 drivers improved. Przyrowski lowered the pace to 1m31.174s, leading Strauven by 0.175s, Egozi by 0.357s, Gerhards by 0.361s and Campos’s Andres Cardenas by 0.391s.

In Group A there were top 10 improvers, led by Lammers who set a 1m31.576s. He was fastest by 0.3s over TC Racing’s Gabriel Gomez, with 0.106s covering second to sixth place.

A 1m31.948s put Przyrowski on top of session six. Quintarelli and Global Racing Service’s Douwe Dedecker were 0.244s and 0.284s behind respectively in second and third.

Keanu Al Azhari improved to 1m31.986s in Group A’s next session, pipping Colnaghi by top spot by 0.011s and Fluxa by 0.099s.

Egozi set a 1m31.997s and then a 1m31.814s to lead Przyrowski in Group B’s last two sessions, with a 0.102s gap in the seventh one and a 0.01s gap in the eighth, while Cram Motorsport’s Filippo Fioreninto and Gomez were the end-of-day pacesetters in Group A. Gomez set his personal best in the final session. The top 25 were covered by 0.97s at test-end, with seven non-improvers from Wednesday including Colnaghi and Fluxa, and 15th overall after being absent from Thurday’s action was Peebles.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Jan Przyrowski Campos Racing 1m31.174s 168
2 Thomas Strauven Rodin Motorsport 1m31.349s +0.175s 155
3 Mattia Colnaghi MP Motorsport 1m31.434s +0.260s 154
4 James Egozi Campos Racing 1m31.531s +0.357s 156
5 Tim Gerhards Monlau Motorsport 1m31.535s +0.361s 156
6 Andres Cardenas Campos Racing 1m31.565s +0.391s 167
7 Ernesto Rivera Campos Racing 1m31.574s +0.400s 152
8 Rene Lammers MP Motorsport 1m31.576s +0.402s 158
9 Nathan Tye Campos Racing 1m31.592s +0.418s 161
10 Matteo Quintarelli Sainteloc Racing 1m31.608s +0.434s 162
11 Lucas Fluxa MP Motorsport 1m31.652s +0.478s 166
12 Keanu Al Azhari MP Motorsport 1m31.728s +0.554s 157
13 Gabriel Gomez TC Racing 1m31.729s +0.555s 171
14 Juan Cota Drivex School 1m31.888s +0.714s 134
15 Griffin Peebles MP Motorsport 1m31.917s +0.743s 93
16 Adam Al Azhari Tecnicar Motorsport 1m31.948s +0.774s 158
17 Filippo Fiorentino Cram Motorsport 1m31.949s +0.775s 158
18 Douwe Dedecker Global Racing Service 1m31.971s +0.797s 142
19 Mikkel Pedersen Drivex School 1m31.982s +0.808s 154
20 Preston Lambert Rodin Motorsport 1m31.990s +0.816s 160
21 Maxi Restrepo Santeloc Racing 1m31.996s +0.822s 164
22 Lenny Ried Monlau Motorsport 1m32.025s +0.851s 167
23 Enzo Tarnvanichkul Campos Racing 1m32.118s +0.944s 164
24 Francisco Macedo Drivex School 1m32.127s +0.953s 164
25 Yevan David Sainteloc Racing 1m32.144s +0.970s 153
26 Peter Bouzinelos Rodin Motorsport 1m32.207s +1.033s 154
27 Maciej Gladysz MP Motorsport 1m32.226s +1.052s 147
28 Adam Hideg Cram Motorsport 1m32.258s +1.084s 152
29 Matus Ryba Drivex School 1m32.359s +1.185s 125
30 Kevin Foster Divex School 1m32.445s +1.271s 170
31 Rehan Hakim Monlau Motorsport 1m32.542s +1.368s 169
32 Alexander Jacoby Global Racing Service 1m32.688s +1.514s 167
33 Lorenzo Castillo Tecnicar Motorsport 1m32.714s +1.540s 162
34 Wiktor Dobrzanski Tecnicar Motorsport 1m32.766s +1.592s 161
35 Cristian Cantu TC Racing 1m32.792s +1.618s 174
36 Christian Garduno TC Racing 1m34.236s +3.062s 178