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Oscar Piastri sets pace in post-season Eurocup test at Yas Marina

by Ida Wood

Photo: Renault Sport Series

Formula Renault Eurocup champion Oscar Piastri set the pace in the post-season test at Yas Marina in a ‘development car’ ran by Global Racing Service.

The Australian contested the first day of the test, and set a new track record of 2m07.449s with the Spanish team.

It was Petr Ptacek, driving for MP Motorsport on day one, who set the pace early on, but after an hour Piastri and Amaury Cordeel had bettered him. Piastri improved his pace while in front, with his R-ace GP replacement Matteo Nannini ending the morning session in second place.

Piastri went straight to the top in the afternoon session, with only Asian FRenault champion Joey Alders joining him on track early on. A brief red flag period hit the end of the first hour, but once running was back underway it was Piastri who was in control once more.

To end his final day of running in the Eurocup, Piasti dipped into the 2m07s by over half a second, while Nannini leapt to second with his last lap. Ptacek was third fastest, ahead of Cordeel and Bhaitech’s Leonardo Lorandi.

The second day of running started at sunset, and Cordeel was the benchmark man in front of MP team-mates Roman Stanek and Hadrien David. R-ace GP’s Kush Maini moved into first place as night fell, with Bhaitech’s Belov half a second behind.

Nannini leapt past Maini with 10 minutes to go, with the two joining the absent Piastri in setting 2m07s laps. Belov ended up fifth behind Cordeel and Lorandi.

The final session ran through to midnight, and F4 graduate Belov impressed again. His shortly held first place was lost to Nannini before GRS’s Xavier Lloveras went off and caused a red flag.

When the session restarted, Renault Clio Cup star Jack Young had an off and the Arden driver caused another red flag period. Belov reclaimed top spot once the session was restarted, but he got shuffled down again by Stanek.

In the last hour, Lorandi and Nannini traded personal best laps and it was the former who ended up best. Nannini then had his best time removed for his car being underweight, but his time from the previous session was enough to put him second overall behind Piastri.


Test results
Pos? Driver Team Day 1 Day 2
1 Oscar Piastri Global Racing Service 2:07.449
2 Matteo Nannini R-ace GP 2:08.716 2:07.901
3 Kush Maini R-ace GP 2:08.935 2:07.912
4 Leonardo Lorandi Bhaitech/R-ace GP 2:08.819 2:07.975
5 Amaury Cordeel MP Motorsport 2:08.754 2:08.182
6 Roman Stanek MP Motorsport 2:09.501 2:08.300
7 Mikhael Belov Bhaitech 2:09.298 2:08.320
8 Petr Ptacek MP Motorsport/R-ace GP 2:08.948 2:08.469
9 Hadrien David R-ace GP/MP Motorsport 2:10.069 2:08.638
10 Xavier Lloveras Global Racing Service 2:08.720
11 Alex Quinn Arden 2:08.749
12 Oliver Rasmussen Arden/Bhaitech 2:09.521 2:08.796
13 Sebastian Alvarez MP Motorsport 2:10.328 2:08.904
14 Vladimir Tziortzis JD Motorsport 2:09.558 2:09.040
15 Arthur Leclerc M2 Competition 2:11.015 2:09.117
16 Ugo de Wilde R-ace GP 2:09.173
17 Reshad De Gerus Arden 2:10.104 2:09.177
18 Emilien Denner M2 Competition 2:12.968 2:10.052
19 Joey Alders Global Racing Service 2:10.119
20 Oliver Goethe JD Motorsport 2:10.918
21 Belen Garcia Global Racing Service 2:11.191
22 Stephen Hong M2 Competition 2:13.841 2:11.402
23 Benjamin Goethe JD Motorsport 2:11.448
24 Matthias Luethen Global Racing Service 2:11.769 2:11.519
25 Jack Young Arden 2:11.687
26 Alex Connor Arden 2:11.718
27 Neric Wei JD Motorsport no time no time