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Peugeot wins and Foster spins in French F4’s opening Pau race

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Enzo Peugeot won a dramatic first French Formula 4 of the weekend on the streets of Pau after battling with championship leader Evan Giltaire.

Poleman Kevin Foster did not make a bad start but fellow front row man Giltaire appeared to have more grip on the inside line and he was already ahead into turn one and comfortably ahead by the braking zone at turn two.

Giltaire went into the downhill Foch chicane too aggressive and bounced over the kerbs, but was able to save his car before he hit any of the barriers lining the street circuit. Foster, who actually took less kerb than Giltaire, was not so lucky though as the rear end of his car spun out and he ended up facing backwards at turn eight.

He was able to rejoin without too much damage, albeit now in 26th and last place, with Giltaire ending the lap 2.157 seconds ahead of Hiyu Yamakoshi and with Peugeot in third ahead of Leonardo Megna.

Peugeot was ultra aggressive on the Foch chicane kerbs next time by and he set fastest lap as he passed Yamakoshi for second.

He finished the lap 1.552s behind Giltaire, then set another fastest lap to close the gap to 0.838s. His chance to then go for the lead was denied by Yaroslav Veselaho crashing out of of 10th place at turn six and the safety car being called out.

Racing resumed on lap six and Peugeot wasted no time in passing Giltaire and opening up a 1.227s lead within a lap. Peugeot grew it some more before Giltaire started to close back in, and there was 0.720s between them on lap 12 when the safety car was summoned again after Finn Wiebelhaus crashed out at the turn four hairpin.

Between the first restart and second safety car period, Yani Stevenheydens had managed to pass Megna for fourth, while Louis Schlesser had hit the tyre barriers at turn two and fell from sixth place.

While the safety car was out another driver retired as Joao Paolo Diaz Balesteiro went to the pits with suspension damage.

Racing resumed with two laps to go, and Peugeot came under instense attack from Giltaire through the final tour. They almost made contact at one point, but Peugeot held on for his first win of the season and third career win in total by less than half a second. Foster meanwhile recovered to 17th place.

Race result (15 laps)
Pos Driver Time
1 Enzo Peugeot
2 Evan Giltaire +0.417s
3 Hiyu Yamakoshi +1.740s
4 Yani Stevenheydens +2.755s
5 Leonardo Megna +3.936s
6 Garrett Berry +4.697s
7 Pol Lopez +5.030s
8 Adrien Closmenil +5.710s
9 Jason Leung +6.887s
10 Paul Alberto +7.420s
11 Tom Kalender +8.035s
12 Edgar Pierre +8.596s
13 Romain Andriolo +8.897s
14 Frank Porte-Ruiz +10.929s
15 Max Reis +11.018s
16 Enzo Richer +11.370s
17 Kevin Foster +11.828s
18 Edouard Borgna +12.725s
19 Karel Schulz +13.415s
20 Andrei Duna +14.065s
21 Luca Savu +1 lap
Ret Joao Paolo Diaz-Balasteiro
Ret Finn Wiebelhaus
Ret Gabriel Doyle-Parfait
Ret Louis Schlesser
Ret Yaroslav Veselaho
Fastest lap: Peugeot, 1m17.091s

Championship standings
1 Giltaire 108   2 Peugeot 93   3 Foster 83   4 Andriolo 74   5 Yamakoshi 57   6 Lopez 52   7 Richer 38   8 Stevenheydens 37   9 Megna 30   10 Closmenil 21