Home News Oliver Goethe wins frantic final Spanish F4 race at Paul Ricard

Oliver Goethe wins frantic final Spanish F4 race at Paul Ricard

by Craig Woollard

Photo: Elliot Wood

MP Motorsport’s Oliver Goethe came out on top in an exhilarating third race of the Spanish Formula 4 weekend at Paul Ricard.

Goethe had a good start from third on the grid and jumped up to second ahead of team-mate Joshua Dufek, who did not have a good start.

However, he found himself behind Dufek again at Signes corner, and then picked off by Jenzer Motorsport’s Filip Ugran a couple of laps later.

Meanwhile, MP’s Mari Boya, who had led from pole position up to that point, made a mistake and dropped behind Dufek and Ugran.

Further back, series leader Kas Haverkort ran wide while battling with Global Racing Service’s Lorenzo Fluxa and dropped behind Drivex School’s Ivan Nosov.

Haverkort was not only able to work his way back past Nosov and Fluxa but was able to join the leading pack and pull Fluxa along with him.

From there, the leading sextet engaged in a thrilling battle, with Goethe making the decisive move with only three laps remaining after Dufek went wide and dropped to fifth.

In the lead, Goethe was able to pull away as Ugran defended very hard from Boya, Fluxa, Dufek and Haverkort.

Goethe’s winning advantage at the end was 3.673s – more than the gap between second and eighth at the conclusion.

Coming out on top of the epic scrap for second which went right until the line was Ugran, with Boya forcing Haverkort wide at the final corner to claim the final podium spot.

Dufek could only take fifth after his earlier mistake, while Fluxa’s pace dropped off slightly as Nosov was able to regain lost ground. They were only narrowly ahead of Jenzer’s Francesco Simonazzi.

Further back, GRS’s Suleiman Zanfari and Praga F4’s Carles Martinez rounded out the top 10.

Javier Sagrera was the only non-finisher, pulling with two laps to go after battling with Nosov earlier on.


Race results (10 laps) 
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Oliver Goethe MP Motorsport 21m06.637
2 Filip Ugran Jenzer Motorsport +3.673s
3 Mari Boya MP Motorsport +4.212s
4 Kas Haverkort MP Motorsport +4.447s
5 Joshua Dufek MP Motorsport +4.594s
6 Lorenzo Fluxa Global Racing Service +5.139s
7 Ivan Nosov Drivex School +5.314s
8 Francesco Simonazzi Jenzer Motorsport +5.898s
9 Suleiman Zanfari Global Racing Service +8.754s
10 Carles Martinez Praga F4 +9.115s
11 Paul-Adrien Pallot Drivex School +11.871s
12 Augustin Collinot Drivex School +12.639s
13 Jasin Ferati Jenzer Motorsport +12.817s
14 Enzo Joullie MP Motorsport +13.182s
15 Valdemar Eriksen Drivex School +13.427s
16 Alex Garcia Global Racing Service +15.197s
17 Lena Buhler Drivex School +17.982s
18 Quique Bordas Praga F4 +18.511s
19 Eloy Sebastian Lopez Global Racing Service +18.709s
20 Mehrbod Shameli Xcel Motorsport +30.920s
21 Javier Sagrera MOL Racing +2 laps
Fastest lap: Boya, 2m05.144s

Championship standings
1 Haverkort 95   2 Goethe 86   3 Boya 72   4 Ugran 58   5 Fluxa 54   6 Dufek 29   7 Simonazzi 24   8 Eriksen 21   9 Collinot 20   10 Nosov 14