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Novalak kicks off FIA F3 testing at Red Bull Ring with fastest lap

by Ida Wood

Photo: Formula Motorsport Limited

Trident’s Clement Novalak was the fastest driver in the FIA Formula 3 Championship’s first pre-season test session at the Red Bull Ring on Saturday morning.

Drivers set out on installation laps at first, and even those who ventured out on track for longer than that were lapping well over 15 seconds off the expected pace.

Eventually a true flying lap was set by Charouz Racing System’s Reshad de Gerus, 47 minutes into the three-hour session, and then Carlin’s Jonny Edgar became the first driver to lap sub-1m20s.

From then on, drivers pushed to match that but many efforts were undone by running wide at the first corner and immediately having the laptime deleted as track limits abuse was a recurring problem at several corners.

Novalak went to the top halfway through the morning, setting a 1m19.522s, with MP Motorsport’s Caio Collet also bettering Edgar while de Gerus’s test team-mates Mikhael Belov and Logan Sargeant had still yet to set a lap.

Towards the end of the second hour Belov finally clocked up some flying laps, while ART Grand Prix’s Frederik Vesti went to the top of the times with a 1m19.492s.

Prema’s Olli Caldwell then matched Novalak in second place, before Collet bettered both and got within 0.013s of Vesti.

Alpine Formula 1 junior Victor Martins put MP on top next, but Novalak went even faster with a 1m19.162s lap that is a new track record for the series.

Martins responded with a lap that brought him closer but it got deleted, and he ended the morning in third behind team-mate and fellow Alpine junior Collet.

The fastest laps of HWA Racelab’s Matteo Nannini and Oliver Rasmussen were also deleted. Nannini had set his personal best at the very end after a lengthy red flag stoppage caused by Rasmussen crashing at turn eight with 21 minutes to go.

Sargeant had left the pits not long before that, but he didn’t get the chance to set a flying lap until the final minute of the session and his effort took him straight to 14th.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Clement Novalak Trident 1m19.162s 26
2 Caio Collet MP Motorsport 1m19.328s +0.166s 30
3 Victor Martins MP Motorsport 1m19.364s +0.202s 34
4 Frederik Vesti ART Grand Prix 1m19.492s +0.330s 30
5 Olli Caldwell Prema 1m19.522s +0.360s 20
6 Dennis Hauger Prema 1m19.545s +0.383s 18
8 Matteo Nannini HWA Racelab 1m19.561s +0.399s 27
7 Jack Doohan Trident 1m19.641s +0.479s 13
9 Mikhael Belov Charouz Racing System 1m19.726s +0.564s 20
10 Jonny Edgar Carlin 1m19.751s +0.589s 37
11 David Schumacher Trident 1m19.786s +0.624s 25
12 Oliver Rasmussen HWA Racelab 1m19.905s +0.743s 24
13 Arthur Leclerc Prema 1m19.905s +0.743s 18
14 Logan Sargeant Charouz Racing System 1m19.964s +0.802s 9
15 Alexander Smolyar ART Grand Prix 1m19.978s +0.816s 31
16 Ayumu Iwasa Hitech GP 1m20.014s +0.852s 28
17 Jak Crawford Hitech GP 1m20.051s +0.889s 28
18 Filip Ugran Jenzer Motorsport 1m20.098s +0.936s 28
19 Roman Stanek Hitech GP 1m20.102s +0.940s 27
20 Pierre-Louis Chovet Jenzer Motorsport 1m20.125s +0.963s 20
21 Ido Cohen Carlin 1m20.219s +1.057s 36
22 Juan Manuel Correa ART Grand Prix 1m20.283s +1.121s 19
23 Tijmen van der Helm MP Motorsport 1m20.421s +1.259s 30
24 Amaury Cordeel Campos Racing 1m20.446s +1.284s 28
25 Calan Williams Jenzer Motorsport 1m20.456s +1.294s 22
26 Reshad de Gerus Charouz Racing System 1m20.557s +1.395s 34
27 Rafael Villagomez HWA Racelab 1m20.687s +1.525s 18
28 Lorenzo Colombo Campos Racing 1m20.722s +1.560s 37
29 Laszlo Toth Campos Racing 1m20.735s +1.573s 32
30 Kaylen Frederick Carlin 1m21.057s +1.895s 37