Home News National FF1600 champion Maclennan wins first Walter Hayes semi-final

National FF1600 champion Maclennan wins first Walter Hayes semi-final

by Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Kevin Mills Racing’s Neil Maclennan beat Team Dolan’s polesitter Chris Middlehurst to win the first of two Walter Hayes Trophy semi-finals.

Maclennan grabbed the lead from Middlehurst on the first lap and was only rarely seriously challenged. Even a safety car period for the retrieval of a beached Joey Foster from Luffield could not dent his lead, as he got a great restart to carry on where he left off and brought home the win.

Middlehurst was a fairly safe second for most of the race, although he did have Maclennan’s KMR team-mate Michael Moyers snapping at his heels and had the safety car not been required, things could have been different for him.

Moyers started fourth and picked off Luke Cooper on the opening lap to move into the third place he would finish in.

Cooper held fourth until right at the end, when Enigma Motorsport’s Jack Wolfenden snuck past him. Cooper did well to keep ahead of team-mate Robert Hall, who rapidly gained on him late on, but had to settle for sixth.

Formula Ford Festival winner Rory Smith was a little way behind, having done well to stay on track after an altercation with Historic FF1600 champion and B-M Racing team-mate Cameron Jackson, who tumbled down the order and ended up 20th, meaning he failed to qualify for the final.

Don Hardman Racing’s Foster, a three-time WHT winner, was one of only two reitrees, having a terminal off while battling Team USA scholar Jackson Lee.

Low Dempsey Racing driver Jackson Lee finished in 10th, behind Graham Brunton Racing’s Seb Melrose and John’s Racing Team regular Pascal Monbaron.

Race results (12 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Neil Maclennan Kevin Mills Racing 15m50.437s
2 Chris Middlehurst Team Dolan +1.166s
3 Michael Moyers Kevin Mills Racing +1.344s
4 Jack Wolfenden Enigma Motorsport +2.086s
5 Luke Cooper Swift Cooper +2.488s
6 Robert Hall Swift Cooper +2.897s
7 Rory Smith B-M Racing +3.385s
8 Seb Melrose Graham Brunton Racing +7.428s
9 Pascal Monbaron John’s Racing Team +7.633s
10 Jackson Lee Low Dempsey Racing +8.002s
11 Maxwell Esterson Low Dempsey Racing +8.274s
12 Michael Macpherson Kevin Mills Racing +8.450s
13 Miles Griffiths Hi-Tech Motorsport +8.795s
14 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +9.025s
15 Chris Hodgen Souley Motorsport +9.416s
16 Jaap Blijleven UCLan +9.552s
17 Adam Higgins Riadro Motorsport +11.693s
18 Ben Mitchell Wayne Poole Racing +11.932s
19 Roger Orgee TM Racing +12.471s
20 Cameron Jackson B-M Racing +12.861s
21 Cameron Fenton +13.209s
22 Tom Hawkins Springbridge Motorsport +13.377s
23 Ryan Campbell +16.712s
24 Alex Ames Sema Racing +18.361s
25 James Hadfield Simon Hadfield Motorsport +18.369s
26 George McDonald +19.263s
27 Joe Watts Team Fox Racing +19.298s
28 Jordan Harrison +22.071s
29 Flashman Finneran +22.931s
30 Gaius Ghinn +23.112s
31 Tim Brise +28.237s
32 Mark Bates Shaw’s Motorsport +28.988s
33 James Colborn Wayne Poole Racing +29.483s
34 Graham Woodin +34.561s
Ret Ed Thurston
Ret Joey Foster Don Hardman Racing
Fastest lap: Moyers, 1m05.812s