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Moyers wins WHT semi-final two, Fisher makes final despite drama

by Steve Whitfield

Photo: Ida Wood

Two-time Walter Hayes Trophy winner Michael Moyers has reached the final of his last entry into the event after winning semi-final two at Silverstone.

Moyers’ heat win put him on pole but the inside line meant Wayne Poole Racing’s Josh Fisher took the lead into Becketts for the first time.

Fisher then created a small gap ahead of Kevin Mills Racing’s Moyers, who was fighting with B-M Racing’s Rory Smith, WPR’s Ben Mitchell and Souley Motorsport’s defending winner Ollie White.

Smith went around the outside of Moyers at Brooklands on lap three of 12 and set about chasing Fisher. By lap seven he had caught him and committed to the outside line at Brooklands again. That became the inside at Luffield, but there wasn’t enough room between the two and Smith’s front-left wheel made contact with Fisher’s rear-right and sent him off.

Fisher dropped to 12th, while Moyers reclaimed the lead on the next lap but soon came under pressure from Mitchell. Smith was just behind them and back challenging for first place going into the final two laps after passing White at Brooklands with a lunge. He couldn’t have a second stab at a lead pass though, and shadowed Moyers and Mitchell across the finish line.

White was just 0.495 seconds back in fourth, while Team Dolan’s rookie Ben Cochran had a lonely drive to fifth.

Fisher recovered to sixth ahead of Team USA scholar Andre Castro, who also got into strife early on while battling Oldfield Motorsport’s Ian Gough and plunged to 20th but had the pace to get back up the order.

Ian Campbell beat Gough to eighth, while Graham Brunton Racing’s Logan Hannah completed the top 10.

Drivers who missed out on reaching the final included GBR’s Derek Palmer Jr, who finished 20th from 28th on the grid, B-M’s Tom McArthur who had charged from 27th to 12th before spinning out on the last lap, and Souley’s Jack Wolfenden who was in seventh before retiring after being rear-ended and then damaging the front-left of his car once going off.

Race results (12 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Michael Moyers Kevin Mills Racing 12m29.899s
2 Ben Mitchell Wayne Poole Racing +0.109s
3 Rory Smith B-M Racing +0.296s
4 Ollie White Souley Motorsport +0.495s
5 Ben Cochran Team Dolan +6.199s
6 Josh Fisher Wayne Poole Racing +9.085s
7 Andre Castro Low Dempsey Racing +9.231s
8 Ian Campbell Vertical Racing +9.699s
9 Ian Gough Oldfield Motorsport +10.419s
10 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +11.032s
11 Ben Tinkler +11.290s
12 James Tucker Tucker Motorsport +11.726s
13 James Hadfield B-M Racing +12.690s
14 Michael Gray Graham Brunton Racing +12.781s
15 Kieran Attwood Souley Motorsport +12.950s
16 Jordan Harrison Shaws Motorsport +13.903s
17 Nathan Ward Kevin MIlls Racing +15.345s
18 Ben Tilley Simon Hadfield Motorsport +17.860s
19 Joe Watts +22.338s
20 Derek Palmer Graham Brunton Racing +22.347s
21 Henry Chart +25.602s
22 Vincent Jay TM Racing +31.014s
23 Mark Armstrong +32.285s
24 Gaius Ghinn BIOS-Sport +33.923s
25 Chris Acton Souley Motorsport +34.926s
26 Neil Broome StrongBroo Racing +37.730s
27 Paul Tucker Tucker Motorsport +43.131s
28 Peter Barrable Wayne Poole Racing +46.102s
29 Matt Hallam +50.632s
30 Sam Tompkins +51.310s
Ret Tom McArthur B-M Racing
Ret Sam Street Swift Cooper
Ret Nigel Dolan B-M Racing
Ret Jack Wolfenden Souley Motorsport
Ret John Svensson John’s Racing Team
Ret Ben Stone Simon Hadfield Motorsport