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Moyers beats White to heat three win at Walter Hayes

by Steve Whitfield

Photo: Ida Wood

Michael Moyers took victory in the third Walter Hayes Trophy heat at Silverstone, as a problem sidelined Felix Fisher.

Kevin Mills Racing driver Moyersw led Fisher away from pole, but the latter slowed through Woodcote at the end of the opening lap before pulling off the circuit.

That promoted last year’s Hayes winner Ollie White into the second, and the Souley Motorsport driver remained in Moyers’ slipstream throughout, but didn’t make a move for the lead.

Moyers came home 0.2 seconds ahead of White, while Team USA scholar recovered from a bad start to climb from sixth to third for Low Dempsey Racing. However a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits dropped him back down to seventh.

Team Dolan’s Ben Cochran came out on top in a race-long battle with Jack Wolfenden to beat the Souley driver to fourth by less than 0.2s, but then that became a podium finish for the Scottish rookie.

Graham Brunton Racing’s Logan Hannah ran ahead of the pair early on in fourth, before holding off James Tucker and Kieran Attwood to be classified fifth.

Nathan Ward was ninth ahead of Chris Acton and John Svensson on his much anticipated UK racing return, while last-lap contact at Brooklands dropped Sam Street to 12th, having ran in the lower reaches of the top 10.  

Race results (8 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Michael Moyers Kevin Mills Racing 8m20.104s
2 Ollie White Souley Motorsport +0.231s
3 Ben Cochran Team Dolan +5.871s
4 Jack Wolfenden Souley Motorsport +6.054s
5 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +6.555s
6 James Tucker Tucker Motorsport +6.990s
7 Andre Castro Kevin Mills Racing +7.386s
8 Kieran Attwood Souley Motorsport +7.410s
9 Nathan Ward Kevin Mills Racing +8.512s
10 Chris Acton Souley Motorsport +13.359s
11 John Svensson John’s Racing Team +13.564s
12 Henry Chart +13.706s
13 Sam Street Swift Cooper +15.321s
14 Gaius Ghinn BIOS-sport +19.732s
15 Neil Broome StrongBroo Racing +20.817s
16 James Colborn Wayne Poole Racing +26.443s
17 Westie Mitchell +30.136s
18 Matt Hallam +30.208s
19 Peter Barrable Wayne Poole Racing +30.386s
20 Joseph Ahrens Enigma Motorsport +30.873s
21 Luke McShane Cotswold Blacksmith Motorsport +30.951s
22 Matt Hayes +33.407s
23 Richard Aczel +40.371s
24 Christopher Perkins Perkins Racing +42.763s
Ret Felix Fisher TM Racing
DNS Richard Tarling Enigma Motorsport
Fastest lap: White, 1m01.691s