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Milesi wins twice at Barcelona, Martins takes French F4 lead

by Ida Wood

Photo: FFSA Academy

Charles Milesi was a double winner in French Formula 4?s trip to Barcelona as Victor Martins claimed the championship lead with one round remaining.

Milesi took his first poles of the season in qualifying, and immediately lost that advantage at the start of the first race to Victor Martins.

It took a few laps for the poleman to retake the lead, and once ahead he did kept Martins at arms length for his third victory of the season.

Florian Venturi finish third, ahead of Javier Gonzales and Hugo Chevalier.

The second race crowned a new victor in Jean-Baptiste Mela, who had a relatively easy run from reversed grid pole.

Thomas Druet and Christian Munoz had been battling for second, but a crash between the pair put both out of the race, handing the remaining podium positions to Rougier and Ugo De Wilde.

Martins finished fourth, ahead of Chevalier and Milesi, who spent part of the race outside the top 10.

Milesi was back on top in the third race, this time maintaining the lead at the start and remaining out of reach for the rest of the race.

Victor Martins started and finished second, although was in third for a short while after being beaten at the start by Venturi.

Venturi secured his second podium of the weekend in third after a close battle with Chevalier, with De Wilde finishing behind them in fifth.

With Milesi, who has also been competing in Formula Renault this year, not eligible to score points this weekend, Martins got a double ?victory? and is now back ahead of Rougier at the top of the French F4 standings by five points.

Results Round-Up
Race 1 (12 laps)
1 Charles Milesi
2 Victor Martins +1.029s
3 Florian Venturi +3.213s
4 Javier Gonzales +4.679s
5 Hugo Chevalier +6.230s
6 Christian Munoz +6.907s
7 Ugo De Wilde +7.884s
8 Arthur Rougier +8.656s
9 Thomas Drouet +9.224s
10 Jean-Baptiste Mela +13.951s
Pole: Milesi
Fastest Lap: Milesi

Race 2 (12 laps)
1 Mela
2 Rougier +3.214s
3 De Wilde +3.697s
4 Martins +4.009s
5 Chevalier +5.154s
6 Milesi +7.359s
7 Venturi +8.042s
8 Noah Watt +13.854s
9 Marvin Klein +15.517s
10 White +16.385s
FL: Milesi

Race 3 (12 laps)
1 Milesi 23m17.564s
2 Martins +3.103s
3 Venturi +9.014s
4 Chevalier +10.344s
5 De Wilde +11.693s
6 Gonzales +12.981s
7 Munoz +13.190s
8 Rougier +20.121s
9 Chovet +20.693s
10 White +22.344s
Pole: Milesi
FL: Milesi

Championship Standings
1 Martins 252 2 Rougier 247 3 Venturi 131 4 Milesi 118 5 Pierre-Alexandre Jean 116 6 Munoz 115 7 White 112 8 Chevalier 111 9 Mela 93 10 Klein 85