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Harrison Scott scores ninth Euroformula Open win in Monza race one

by Ida Wood


Harrison Scott took the win, pole and fastest lap in the first Euroformula Open race at Monza, and a championship record in the process.

Scott was only 0.06 seconds faster than title rival Nikita Troitskiy in qualifying, with Scott?s new RP Motorsport team-mate Jannes Fittje in third.

At the start Fittje turned that into second place, and his tussling with Troitskiy and Simo Laaksonen allowed Scott to sprint away.

The lead gap was already over a second by the end of the first lap, and Scott extended that over the remaining 15 laps to take his ninth victory of the season by six seconds.

By taking fastest lap in the process Scott equalled the most fastest laps won in a rookie season, having beaten the record for poles in a rookie season in qualifying and wins in a rookie season at Silverstone.

Troitskiy finished second, taking back the place at Parabolica on the third lap and then reclaiming it at the Rettifilo chicane on the fourth after Fittje slipstreamed past down the pit straight.

Scott?s championship lead now stands at 111 points, meaning Troitskiy will have to outscore him by four points in the second race of the weekend to keep the championship battle alive going in to Jerez.

Fittje lost a further two places to Laaksonen and Ben Hingeley thanks to a mistake, but had the upper hand on pace and was back onto the podium by the end of the race.

Laaksonen put his disastrous Silverstone weekend behind him with fourth, with Ameya Vaidyanathan finishing fifth after an error by Hingeley.

Devlin DeFrancesco finished seventh, ahead of Eliseo Martinez, Tarun Reddy and Cameron Das.

A trip through the gravel by Alex Karkosik meant the Pole finished out of the points in 11th, with EFOpen returnees Yan Leon Shlom and Daniil Pronenko behind him in 12th and 13th.

EFOpen debutant Daniel Lu ended his race in the gravel after being rear-ended by Pedro Cardoso at Parabolica on the last lap.

Race 1 Results (16 laps)
1 Harrison Scott RP Motorsport 28m17.793s
2 Nikita Troitskiy Drivex +6.402s
3 Jannes Fittje RP Motorsport +9.357s
4 Simo Laaksonen Campos +9.809s
5 Ameya Vaidyanathan Carlin +11.344s
6 Ben Hingeley Fortec +11.935s
7 Devlin DeFrancesco Carlin +12.937s
8 Eliseo Martinez Teo Martin +15.927s
9 Tarun Reddy Drivex +17.305s
10 Cameron Das Campos +23.093s
11 Alex Karkosik RP Motorsport +25.941s
12 Yan Leon Shlom Fortec +28.124s
13 Daniil Pronenko BVM Racing +35.726s
14 Christian Hahn Drivex +41.528s
15 Matheus Iorio Campos +45.371s
16 Pedro Cardoso Teo Martin +1 lap
17 Daniel Lu BVM Racing +1 lap
18 Thiago Vivacqua Campos +1 lap
Ret Guilherme Samaia Carlin
Ret Lodovico Laurini RP Motorsport
Ret Petru Florescu Fortec
Fastest Lap: Scott, 1m45.730s

Championship Standings
1 Scott 260 2 Troitskiy 149 3 Vaidyanathan 119 4 DeFrancesco 99 5 Fittje 97 6 Vivacqua 88 7 Laaksonen 57 8 Karkosik 50 9 Florescu 40 10 Iorio 37