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Michael Belov fastest at Hungaroring in FREC test

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRECA

G4 Racing’s Michael Belov was fastest by just 0.042 seconds in Formula Regional European Championship testing at the Hungaroring.

Thursday was split into a two-hour morning session and two-hour afternoon session, with 33 cars making it onto track in hot temperatures.

MP Motorsport was the team to beat at first in the morning, with its trio of drivers leading the way in the first 15 minutes of action by lapping in the 1m42s.

After half an hour the picture had changed, with most drivers back in the pits and Prema’s Rafael Camara now fastest with a 1m41.159s lap to lead Trident’s Roman Bilinski by 0.192s and with a second covering the top five.

Camara was still at the top when red flags were waved, but it was only a short stoppage.

Bilinski moved to the top in the second hour, setting a 1m40.544s to go 0.524s faster than MP’s Victor Bernier in secon place and with Camara shuffled down to third having failed to improve on his earlier pace.

There was a period of few improvements as the track got hotter, although Race Performance Motorsport’s Santiago Ramos went fourth fastest with half an hour remaining.

He was shuffled down to fifth with a few minutes to go as ART Grand Prix’ Laurens van Hoepen became Bilinski’s closest rival and only the second driver to lap in the 1m40s, while most drivers stayed in the pits.

Van Hoepen was the benchmark driver at the start of the second session with a 1m42.048s, then R-P-M’s Maceo Capietto set two laptimes good enough for first place in the first 15 minutes to bring the pace down to 1m41.219s as the track temperature went above 50°C.

Improvements kept being set, and Capietto had managed to set a 1m39.909s before the final half-hour of running. Bilinki was 0.717s behind in second, with MP’s Kas Haverkort the only other drivers to have lapped sub-1m41s.

Monolite Racing’s Kirill Smal then jumped up to second place, 0.480s off the pace, and when Prema sent its drivers out with 15 minutes to go Camara got within 0.240s of Capietto.

He reduced that gap to 0.179s before pitting, but was shuffled down to third as Belov went fastest with a 1m39.867s set with four minutes to go.

There was even more change in the final two minuts, with Prema’s Lorenzo Fluxa and R-ace GP’s Martinius Stenshorne rising to third and fourth place, resulting in a top 14 covered by a second.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Michael Belov G4 Racing 1m39.867s 58
2 Maceo Capietto R-P-M 1m39.909s +0.042s 46
3 Lorenzo Fluxa Prema 1m40.019s +0.152s 44
4 Martinius Stenshorne R-ace GP 1m40.021s +0.154s 65
5 Rafael Camara Prema 1m40.046s +0.179s 72
6 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema 1m40.138s +0.271s 72
7 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix 1m40.142s +0.275s 60
8 Kirill Smal Monolite Racing 1m40.389s +0.522s 70
9 Tim Tramnitz R-ace GP 1m40.506s +0.639s 60
10 Roman Bilinski Trident 1m40.544s +0.677s 58
11 Adam Fitzgerald R-P-M 1m40.663s +0.796s 55
12 Joshua Duerksen Arden 1m40.682s +0.815s 64
13 Kas Haverkort Van Amersfoort Racing 1m40.819s +0.952s 61
14 Levente Revesz Arden 1m40.829s +0.962s 60
15 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing 1m41.032s +1.165s 65
16 Victor Bernier MP Motorsport 1m41.068s +1.201s 55
17 Marcus Amand ART Grand Prix 1m41.089s +1.222s 65
18 Santiago Ramos R-P-M 1m41.171s +1.304s 29
19 Nikhil Bohra Trident 1m41.171s +1.304s 66
20 Charlie Wurz ART Grand Prix 1m41.172s +1.305s 61
21 Esteban Masson Sainteloc Racing 1m41.189s +1.322s 63
22 Owen Tangavelou Trident 1m41.235s +1.368s 65
23 Sami Megutounif MP Motorsport 1m41.275 +1.408s 52
24 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport 1m41.349s +1.482s 54
25 Maya Weug KIC Motorsport 1m41.500s +1.633s 63
26 Emmo Fittipaldi Sainteloc Racing 1m41.533s +1.666s 59
27 Tom Lebbon Arden 1m41.564s +1.697s 50
28 Matias Zagazeta R-ace GP 1m41.870s +2.003s 42
29 Giovanni Maschio Monolite Racing 1m41.924s +2.057s 67
30 Niels Koolen Van Amersfoort Racing 1m41.979s +2.112s 66
31 Alex Partyshev KIC Motorsport 1m42.249s +2.382s 62
32 Enzo Scionti Monolite Racing 1m42.286s +2.419s 68
33 Lucas Medina Sainteloc Racing 1m42.556s +2.689s 53
34 Shannon Lugassy KIC Motorsport no time 0